Cosmic Cross Sign of 'Judgment Time'?
Quantum science warrants a quantum judgment.

Continued from Part One HERE

“The basic underlying and uniting force of the Universe is an
    energy field of love and soul consciousness
( Unified Field
whose principle property is the universal urge to unite.”
~ Allen Roland, Ph.D

      Extreme Love is the Judgment of the Cosmic Cross.
    The heart coherent frequency of holy compassion
      is the golden ratio spiral of energies at the heart of
  the fractal geometry of the holographic universe.

This is the glue - the tie that binds - that sustains
  harmonic order from the atomic to the universal.

  Through the Quantum Gate?  Or Down the Rabbit Hole?

 Global humanity is on the threshold of either unprecedented
unity through universal co-Creation with global TeLeComm
- quantum science for quantum healing and quantum reality -
 or the dark side of human nature will be exploited for an evil
  that is unspeakable and unthinkable without going down the
'rabbit hole' to the bottomless pit of evil calling itself 'good'.

There are 7.2 billion crew members on ‘Spaceship Earth’,
 and more than 3 billion of us are connecting with our new
 Net reality via palm-top, lap-top and deck-top computers.
     Imagine what will happen when our all-connected Net reality
matures with quantum reality as utilizes the quantum field
 for liberating a
Unity State for United Sovereigns of Earth,
 for liberating self-governance, mass-to-mass TeLeComm,
for liberating social conscience in global social networks,
  for liberating Universal Self Care for global holistic healing,
and liberating public power with free energy technologies.

Systemic corruption will no longer continue in a
      global village of interactive mass

  In the meantime, we all have this cross to bear:

Greed is the Enemy Destroying America
Bernie Sanders speaks on the Senate floor about inordinate
greed of the 1% that is waging war against the middle class.

   Last Year, 25 Hedge Fund Managers Made As Much
 Money As 425,000 Public School Teachers


Extreme Love is the Judgment on the Extreme Right
that is out of balance with the common sense of
core Constitutional freedoms.

Andy Borowitz | Supreme Court Defends Wealthy's
           Right to Own Government

Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker, April 2, 2014
Borowitz writes:
"By a five-to-four decision, the United States Supreme Court today defended the right of the wealthiest Americans to own the United States government."

Robert Reich | The Vicious Cycle of Concentrated
            Wealth and Political Power

Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog,
April 4, 2014
Reich writes:
"If wealth and income weren't already so
concentrated in the hands of a few, the shameful
'McCutcheon' decision by the five Republican
 appointees to the Supreme Court wouldn't be
as dangerous."

The ‘judgment’ is global folks!

     Sanity as the vertical dimension of the
Cardinal Cosmic Cross is in alignment
with the universal “Power of Love
   (ordained-cosmic law and language)
    in dynamic creative tension (square)
    with insensate materialism (insanity)
   of inordinate love of moneyed power
    in core social, political and economic
 institutions afflicted by lack of love.
       It is not love when politics trump public
    principles of self-government as can
    be cultured in global social networks;
global TeLeComm as resurrects TLC.
     It is not love when profits trump public
      principles of, by and for ALL Netizens
        in our new world of instant-everywhere
   and interactive Net reality capability;
     cyberEthics heartware can empower
      a ‘
Unity State’ for ‘United Sovereigns’
     with ‘
Universal Solidarity’ and a global
EVOLUTION in higher consciousness.
      It is not love when profits from treating
       disease trumps the value of preventing
      and curing disease with the ‘Universal
       Self Care’ that naturally makes current
        ‘health care’ look like shameful insanity.

         This is the judgment of extreme love
         that makes
poor care look extreme,
great love as is for giving.

Tough love of an extreme nature is
the judgment of the Cosmic Cross
  with the squaring of dual polarities
  that challenge stuck behavior with
holy spirit of great love-in-action.

The circle of ‘wholEness’ is in all archetypes of

  Universal Rights Public Sphere =  Co-Creating:  Global TeLeComm 

For those with great love in their hearts, more will flood your being;
you have earned the RIGHT to step into the CIRCLE of wholEness
in the holy TRINITY on all four sides of the PYRAMID '
CAPstone' of
the cross-referenced
Creative Ascent Process in spherical realms.

For those who have abused the power of love with the extreme love of power, that which you have gained with insensate abandon of the Law of the Circle will be stripped from you.  Better to pay the price now and move on forgiven. No souls advance or otherwise ascend by holding on to the trinkets and baubles of idolatrous materialistic worth-ship.

Long suppressed technologies will be liberated to provide
global infrastructure for an
economics of abundance:

1- Abundant clean-free energy from the quantum field
     as demonstrated to hundreds of millions of people
     worldwide via

    The monopoly matrix of Big Oil that is poisoning our air,
    water, land and food will be rapidly replaced with the
    ordained power of love that makes the inordinate love of
    ‘dirty power’ – in all it’s expressions – obsolete.

 2- Abundant healing breakthroughs in quantum medicine and
     integrative-holistic health care will be liberated with free
     online Universal Self Care and Health Assurance policies.
     The monopoly matrix of Big Pharma that is poisoning our
     bodies and minds with toxic genetic poisons will rapidly be
     replaced by non-invasive and non-toxic '
TeLeCare' for the
     holistic analysis, prevention and treatment of disease.

3- Abundant global TeLeComm capabilities for mass-to-mass
     communications will be liberated with a self-governing,
     self-learning process that cultures self-correcting social
     Conscience of a more enlightened self-elevation nature. 

     The monopoly matrix of mainstream mind control ‘Big Media’
     that fronts for Big Oil and Big Pharma will be increasingly
     made obsolete by open media exposure of free energy tech,
     free online self care, and enlightened social network

4- Abundant social credit for global economic development will
     naturally follow from the abundant power of wisdom with love
     at the heart of investment in the gifts, talents and resources of
     global humanity for clean power, holistic healing, and the rise
     of social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

      The monopoly matrix of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media and their
     Big Bank underwriters will all be checked and balanced by the
     TeLeCommerce cyberEthics that will end
codependence on the
     psychology of subservience to tyranny as ‘too big to fail’.

If Jesus Christ were alive today, would the
“money-changers” (banksters) crucify him?

              Modern interpretation of Christ driving the money changers from
                            the temple... by Anthony Feeda / Daniel Zollinger

 This is the judgment-choice
testing of the Cosmic Cross.

One thing we can bank on is that there is no solving poverty consciousness in the world with the same bankrupt policies of
cherished illusions and willful ignorance that denies current capabilities
for culturing abundant
social conscience... for 100% of humanity.
There are many scenarios as to HOW the choices of each and all will outpicture THE JUDGMENT that we ask for with choices made now.
This is the ‘Grand Test’ of the ‘Grand Cross’ for many souls on Earth.

For some it is their final judgment; to either bend their knee to a higher power this time around, or pay for the lack of love many times around.

  Above all, good Conscience is for giving.
Conscience currency
gets us
off the debt slavery cross,
media manipulation cross,
disease profiteering cross
and oil dependence cross.

We don't graduate or otherwise ascend from this 'classroom' until we learn the lesson of greater love in greater service to the divine-prime directive for conscious evolution, dimensional worlds without end.

It’s not foreordained or etched in stone WHEN enough good people will do enough to wake up others to the opportunity for overcoming S.I.N., dis-ease and destruction of life as we have known it on Earth.


The Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-Love on Earth is now being initiated with the sign of the Cosmic Cross in the heavens. 

"The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity,
but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there."

~ John Buchan

This is the time ordained to wake up to your greatness, wising up to
what’s at stake for everyone, and rising up with
social conscience in social networks as will seal the door where F.U.D. and D.U.H. dwells.

Seek first the KINGdom Conscience whereby all are sovereign "K.IN.G." (Keys to the INternalization of G.O.D.~ LOVE), and all the other gifts of the “Spirit that Matters” (Effective Sensory Perception, etc,) will naturally follow.  Ascension happens, one at a time, and then it goes mainstream!

 Empowering wisdom with universal LOVE
at the heart of global TeLeComm for
United Sovereigns of Earth,
~ Christos


"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

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