Emerald Matrix Introduction
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"This is an extremely intense, powerful time."
~ Kaypacha
Those who follow the weekly 'cosmic weather' reports
of Kaypacha are aware of an intense astrophysics
storm of quantum field energies has been building
and is now being triggered with powerful aspects
that are shaping personal and global dynamics
through to spring... and throughout this year.

by Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE

Space-Time Coordinates
for Sunday-to-Tuesday
(3-1-15 to 3-3-15)

'Cosmic Weather' Coordinates:
(Quantum Field Psychology)

"Sun- conjunct Neptune in Pisces"
(Deep 'Dreams' Emerging
Grand Fire Trine- with
Moon Saturn


These are Good Portents for Initiating
The Dream of Global Holistic Healing:

The Emerald Matrix Movement
wholEness in the "CAPstone"
Creative Ascent Process]

Shining the light of the Sun-Neptune conjunction
with deep-space 'Pisces' coherence.

   Defining, combining, refining & shining the
~trine synergistic energies integrating
'reflective' Moon 'conservative' Saturn
the bright 'insights' of Uranus) that are
"conjunct" (combined with) both energies
 of 'feminine' Venus and 'masculine' Mars

This is a good time for focusing with intention on
prime directive and global opportunity with
The Emerald Matrix for Global Healing.

Quantum Field Astrology/Psychology
Debriefing by Kaypacha:

"The guns are going off and the horses are shooting out the gate.
  We're just rounding the 1st bend and a kind of order is beginning
to take shape. Some are pulling ahead, some are falling back...
The trine (with Saturn) gives a sense of stability."

"This is a time to be very aware.  To be honest.  To be alert.
To be awakened. To really use your objective "observer".
(conscious of HOW you are conscious ~ CR).
To use your witness so you don't get lost in upsurge of
the volcanic rising of the "kundalini" (
sacred fire).

"Like a rocket, if it doesn't take off, it blows up!

"Keep in mind your prime directive; keep your
 focus, your intention, on your prime directive.

"And then you will take all your energy, and you'll harness
all of that desire and all of that passion, and all of that
primal instinct, and you will MANAGE IT like a wise
elder" (Saturn in Sagittarius)... as the teacher, the
guru, and really HARNESS-TAME the 'dragon".
(control your 'horse' in the 'I Am Race' ~CR)

For the full account in Kaypacha's own words, see his video:

The start of a new paradigm,
Begins within my heart.
The more I open to give and receive,
The sooner all others will start.

~ Kaypacha


 This is a good time for focusing with intention and
retention of the vision, virtue and valor for victory
 of conscious
ascension in a common dimension
where wholEness and holiness naturally rules with
 The Emerald Matrix for Global Healing.

Emerald Matrix

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