Comet Elenin is NOT Nibiru (Planet X)

by Christopher Rudy / Sept. 1, 2011


This is a follow-up to the video I recommend (1) as the most balanced science-based video on the subject of comet Elenin and Nibiru (Planet X).  In that superlative video, Marshall Masters explains that "Elenin is indeed the 'Blue Star Kachina' of Hopi Prophecy, which precedes the larger and far more destructive 'Red Star Kachina' (PX) of the same prophecy."

Here is an update on Elenin and Nibiru.

I just got this article (below) this morning from John on my research team. Several videos are featured, including a powerful 9 minute excerpt from the 39 minute recent Marshall Master's video which you just posted. There is also a video from Jim McCanney which references the maximum danger window of Sept 26... and I concur with Jim that this is when the power elite will likely do their "Project Bluebeam" Alien invasion FALSE FLAG (if not on 9-11), in order to channel the public terror over Earth/Sky CHANGES into a FALSE UNITY agenda for their long-sought One World Government (under them).

On my radio talk show a few months ago, I interviewed Laura Eisenhower, granddaughter of Ike, who once worked on 'Project Pegasus', one of the secret government projects that for many years has had 'teleportion' (Stargate) technologies as well as a secret space fleet.  In other words, a mock invasion utilizing their giant triangular "UFO's" would strike terror in the hearts of the masses, amplified by the complicit media as showed the 9-11 planes hitting the World Trade Center over and over.  Also note how Hollywood has been 'prepping' the public, a terror pre-view, with a series of TV shows that portray mass terror with a 'real' alien invasion.  It's a classic set up as part of 'Project Mockingbird' (Ministry of Propaganda).

There are visual reports already in the Southern hemisphere with videos from South America and Australia in this article. I saw another video on Facebook this morning which showed crowds of people in South America watching Elenin.  But whereas Elenin is the harbinger of the closer approach of Nibiru, some reports show Elenin to be 'breaking up'.  That may be true.

No one knows for sure how this cosmic drama will play out, but don't be surprised if Nibiru soon creates huge electromagnetic, electrostatic and gravitational force fields provoking SHOCK AND AWE on Earth... if not geological cataclysms with realignment of the poles of Earth. 

Instead of launching 'Desert Storm' for MidEast hegemony, this time the power elite are amplifying the 'Perfect Storm' of natural and man-made terror for launching global hegemony.  One of the Hopi prophecies, according to the Marshall Master's video, is that America will be destroyed by 'nuclear war'.  Hmmmm.  Would that be Fukushima?  Or George Washington's '3rd Great Peril' prophecy?  Or scalar electromagnetics from PX triggering nuclear stockpiles in the U.S.?

The more exposure outing any false-flag terrorism agenda, the less likely the effete elite will pull it off.

By the grace of God, enough true patriots and devotees of the One God will expose the Big Lie and the Whole Truth.

~ Christopher

(1) Video by Marshall Master's research team:

Concluding comments at end of article.

--------- article follows:

Comet Elenin / Nibiru Astronomy News Roundup: Video Clips From Around the World

CONFIRMED: "Comet Elenin is the harbinger of the closer approach of Nibiru"

Posted on August 29, 2011 by altnewsreport

The most important video in this collection, which is growing daily, is this first video by YT astronomy reporter TheDaysOfNoah. His astronomy software and recorded observations finally identify what many have speculated about and make the case definitive. Comet Elenin is the harbinger of the closer approach of Nibiru.

Comet Elenin, aka the Blue Star Kachina in Hopi prophecy, is, in fact correctly predicted by the Hopi as the harbinger comet, as it orbits the outer periphery of the small solar system which is traveling with Nibiru. Nibiru is known as the Red Star Kachina in Hopi prophecy, and follows the Blue Star Kachina in the prediction. The astronomy video below confirms this ancient Hopi end time prediction.

In the video below Elenin can be clearly seen orbiting the outer edge of Nibirus small traveling road show, aka a small traveling solar system traversing space with Nibiru, and in orbit to same. Several of the other orbiting satellites to Nibiru can also be seen clearly. Nibiru itself appears as a colossal dark brown red planet or brown dwarf sun [ a failed sun which never fully ignited into nuclear fusion ] and the other objects can be seen orbiting around it, with Elenin in the farthest outermost position. This is one of the most significant and scientifically clarifying video reports that I have located to date on the astronomy of what we are watching for and I would like to thank YT reporter TheDaysOfNoah for this report:

Here's the link with lots of good evidence confirming our time table to be short.

(This is not fear porn - this is a warning - and I do not like to cry wolf . These objects are BIG. Its time for High Ground, food, water and under the earth. - we can survive)


--------- Concluding Comments by CR:

There was two things that struck me with the video I recommended by Marshall Masters.

1- Elenin is NOT Planet X but a companion comet in the entourage of many comets, moons and space debris in the miniature solar system around Planet X.  This is explained well in the video as corresponds to Hopi prophecy which has another name for Planet X and refers to "nephews' as companions of the "Red Star Kachina" (PX).

2-  Disinformation on this issue is systemic and highly orchestrated by mainstream media sycophants of the power elite who have been making a killing (literally) on the creation and management of war, disease and desecration of life on Earth.  It has occurred to me that these "fallen ones" (whose love of power has eclipsed the power of love), are facing their greatest fear, i.e., judgment by a Higher Power that their disconnected control-freak ambitions have not honored.  Their angst and fear has metastasized like a cancerous self-destructive anger at God and those who love God. Now their time is short and wrath is great, wanting to sacrifice as many humans as possible to their god of war and destruction... as their final rebellion against the
One God of Love" (Unity Conscience). The sinister 'dark-force' of evil behind these 'principalities of darkness' is the "ANTI-TRUTH" (antichrist) prophesied for this time.  Or as the ZioNazi (Mossad) motto says, "War by Deception".

                               NEUTRALIZES FAITHLESS FEAR

We can be ONE with God-Love in "full faith" (pure intention) for self-correcting "self-elevation" (salvation)'... waking up to conscious ascent for 'eternal salvation' with a "Source Connection"
I Am Presence)... or we can face our own judgment (choice) to be divided, separated and suffering with awakening to fear, anger and contempt, i.e., "wailing and gnashing of teeth".

"Fear is the knife's edge of death. Follow your fears and
you'll inevitably stumble upon a blade."
~ Marshall Masters

This is not a test.  The warning signs are self-evident.  Keep your head while others are losing theirs.  Care enough to share this widely, giving others the opportunity for the CHOICE... to KNOW BETTER... to EXPOSE the plots and ploys of the sinister force... and to PREPARE for come what may in common sense ways... physically, emotionally, mentally and SPIRITUALLY ABOVE ALL.

Keep the Faith / All Ways LOVE,

Christopher Rudy
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