Controlled Demolition of the Economy

by Christopher Rudy, Netizen Journalist

      The common virtue of enlightened people
    is the innocence from an inner sense of
the light which lighteth every soul who
    comes into the world. Such lightbearers
         tend to see others as innocent as they are.
       This strength, in excess, is a weakness of
          blindness to the wolves in sheep's clothing
            who continue to pull the wool over our eyes.
[GeoNotes News / May 7, 2011] - Just as there was a controlled demolition of the third World Trade Center building on 9-11, which collapsed at free-fall speed into it's own footprint even though not hit by a plane as were the other two WTC buildings (which also collapsed into their base at demolition speed)... likewise, we are NOT being told of the controlled demolition of the U.S. Economy... ON PURPOSE.

The purpose of the demolishers is the method to their madness... stripping equity out of markets and bleeding the public treasury as if there were no tomorrow.  Do they know something we don't know? 
Is that why Homeland Security recently contracted for a billion dollars of food reserves? Are they now stocking the hundreds of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) which have been secretly under construction for years? What are the elite preparing for that the public isn't told?

You will know them by their fruits.

All we know for sure is that the demolishers have used tactics which include the creation and management of terror, war, deceit and denial, all resulting in the self-evident 'fruit'; social dysfunction and public demoralization with poverty consciousness of a subservient nature.

The media orgy over the death (again) of Osama bin Laden
     is a classic false-flag celebration of American Exceptionalism.
     This pseudo-morality is the mask over public demoralization
        from continuance of martial law made official with the Patriot Act.
      Note the public warning that we can expect terror as retaliation,
       serving the military/security complex with endless war rationale.
To be wise to this two-faced, fork-tongued, serpentine purpose of the wolves in sheep's clothing is to realize that the electoral process, at the highest levels, has degenerated to choices between the lesser of two evils which still leaves us with evil.
The duel purpose of bin Laden's alleged assassination 'victory"
    is a boost for re-election prospects of our endless war President,
   and continuation of policies for militarized corporate government.
The demolishers indeed have an evil self-serving purpose which sacrifices the public purpose for which the Constitution once served. That plot out hell is their method of creating a psychology of subservience to tyranny -- the inversion, subversion and perversion of social
Conscience with the poverty consciousness which surrenders freedom for false-flag security until we have neither freedom nor security.

This is the purpose of the globalist banksters and their corporate minions, to consolidate their ownership and control of the physical and human resources of the planet. Their method is self-evident as the inordinate love of power which lacks the ordained power of love.
We're in the END GAME of that destructive 'World Game'. 
What we are witnessing is a struggle for the soul of humanity,
and that struggle is reaching a climax.
The winds of Aquarius have another agenda, and destructive social institutions are about to reap the whirlwind... not just with a 'perfect storm' of Earth changes of an unprecedented nature, but also, a quantum shift of cosmic energies as our solar system aligns with the Galactic plane in 2011-2012.

Our DNA and
collective Conscience will never be the same.

New scientific evidence of a big shift in mutational energies in the Sun's radiation has been getting a lot of media attention lately.  The portents for changes in our DNA and a dimensional shift in consciousness is being speculated by leading quantum physicists. Read: "Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter."  This is only 'terrifying" for secular scientists who are clueless to the prophesy for this cosmic fire.

The ancient prophecies of the Hopi, Tibetans and Mayans all foretold a dramatic change for this time, which is about to be fulfilled spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. If you haven't noticed the rate of change accelerating in this regard, you haven't been paying attention.
The 'Big Shift' has begun for a new 'World Game'.

The end of the world as we have known it will be the beginning of a new 'World Game'.  Common sense would tell you what that will look like: the emerging blueprint for a golden age.  Uncommon as it may yet be, this conscientious common sense of a new unity in our diversity is now being unveiled as the CODE MAP for our collective Co-Creation with an emerging Unity Conscience as will make it so... from 'code red' to 'code purple':

Instead of information overload with the fragmentation and compartmentalization of knowledge power, we will see more integration and assimilation of knowledge power with the 'Spirit that matters", a new form of "information's ecology" (recycling general knowledge in the way that generates specific wisdom with the power of love).
Instead of dis-information which causes destruction of truth and dysfunction in social institutions, we will see more checks and balances on the inordinate love of power with the ordained 'Power of Love', a frame of reference for the universal laws governing the golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age in cosmic history.
Instead of the highly centralized one-way mass programming of the mass media's mass mind, we will see more of the "Interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm" (emphasizing the TLC), of a highly decentralized 'grass roots' (Net roots) Internet nature.
Instead of the corrupt collusion of Big Business with Big Government for self-serving profit and control, we will see more conscious evolution with the 'liberation spirit', a new unity in our diversity which serves self-correcting self-governance of a self-elevating nature.
Instead of the sick 'Health Care' system which profits from destruction of public health, we will see more holistic healing with 'Universal Self Care' which provides informed choice regarding the most efficacious modalities for building health and preventing disease.
Instead of the disingenuous social engineering of public institutions with treasonous false-flag terror, we will see more social rEVOLUTION (emphasizing 90% of the word), with a 'Higher Power' which makes government accountable to the Constitutional purpose it has vowed to serve.
Instead of the paradigm paralysis of willful ignorance and cherished illusions, we will see more 'Conscientious Common Sense' with the 'Unity Conscience' which will naturally upgrade social Conscience in our new global instant-everywhere and interactive social networks.
Just as Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution with 'Common Sense', so will this rEVOLUTION finish, globally, what U.S. Founders began locally.  Heaven knows that this Co-Creation with Higher Power for a whole, holistic or otherwise holy Unity Conscience is a more enlightened Common Sense which is the divine destiny of rebirth for Earth.

The beginning of a new 'World Game' with "The Most Powerful Love in the World', will truly be the end of the world as we have known it.

Some will get it (
code purple)... and give it (the love that is for giving).  Some won't.  But we're all ultimately accountable to the same 'Great Law'.

Link the light you have received. Pay it forward for more 'light'...
social Conscience

For mass awakening to the "Spirit of Aquarius"
Freedom-in-Love)... please forward freely
with the
holy Spirit of 'Love-in-action',
(the pink + blue = code purple).

~ Christopher

    PS:  A final note on the myth of the victory bin Laden's assassination.
          The bottom line was to shift attention from economic crisis with
          the reality of Fukushima radiation poisoning US food supples.
              Despite the accumulation of dangerous fallout across American,
read: "EPA ends special monitoring of Fukushima radiation",
and: "Compared to Chernobyl, millions will die in America"
                         Forewarned is forearmed; know better to do better for protection. ~ CR

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie
 - deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but
the myth,
persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.
Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion
without the discomfort of thought."
~ President John F. Kennedy


    Christopher Rudy is author of
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age,
   and the host of '
Cosmic Love' on BBS Radio for the last four years.
 He's also the Founder/Director of UltraMedics Services, supplying
  Swedish Pollen Extract at wholesale prices, without the middleman.