Easter Resurrection of the Web of Light

The surge of global mass awakening is sufficient for resurrection of the web of light.  It just takes enough lightworkers and light-weavers and light bearers as will naturally make it so!

by Christos Lightweaver aka Host of Cosmic

  Let's begin with two movies about the 'lost years' of Jesus,
how he wasn't 'lost', and where he lived and died after his
resurrection or 'resuscitation', depending on your believe.

Two videos follow, documenting the life of Jesus in India and
 Kashmir, produced by the BBC (1) & India's government (2).

  Keep in mind the current zeitgeist of mass awakening via
global village Net reality for the Family of Mankind, and
 consider the potential for the '2nd Coming' of Christ-like
  good will, resurrecting collective conscience as a whole.

 1- BBC Documentary - Jesus was a Buddhist Monk

The truth of this matter is a challenge for deeply entrenched beliefs
of a compartmentalized lock-step nature common to true believers.

This challenge to old paradigm "BS" (Belief Systems) is the actual
original meaning of 'apocalypse' as 'lifting of the veil' to expose
'wrong thinking' about the 'whole truth and nothing but the truth of
Paradigm Shift with Full Disclosure of the Truth:
Lifting the Veil for Revelation

Seeing is believing once perceiving
the grand illusion and whole truth.

Jesus didn't die on the cross. He survived. Here's how:

2- Govt. of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir

  Easter Synopsis: Resurrect thy Self. Wise up and rise up. 
Conscious evolution IS what pure intention DOES:
focusing attention with love's retention for
conscious ascension in a dimension
 where light and rules.

  In other words, get off the 'Cross' of the suffering sinner/saint syndrome
 and realize that you can truly reboot your life BEYOND your 'lost years'
to serve a more enlightened NOW of, by and for the Family of Mankind
  in our new global village networks of instant-everywhere and interactive
  TeLeComm capabilities; the 'Second Coming' as Mass TLC Innovations.

The intention for innovation is not seldom the prelude of

The higher the concept of TLC with the Law and Light Language of
  at the heart of global cyberEthics (Web 3.0),
the greater the results.

Practical Spirituality on Earth as in Cosmos

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thy Self.

~ Christos