by Christos Lightweaver

My Mother's Day Service began with an interview yesterday of a young messenger of the Divine Mother on my radio talk show, Cosmic Love; have your speakers on if you go there. Inspired by that show, I'll today share the "Mother of All Prophecies"... a tribute to Mother Earth in a process of rebirth, a prophecy in motion.

At wikipedia.org you can read that Oct. 21=the Christian End of World. According to the corrected end-date of the Mayan Calendar, you can read that Oct 28=Mayan End of Creation.  And according to the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA, something called 'Elenin' is orbiting through our solar system with closest proximity to Earth the end of October. Watch the YouTube video at that last link for a detailed walk-through of what we can expect as 'Elenin' does its fly-by.


Note that 'Elinin" is NOT a comet.  It's a massive dwarf star, and NASA's discreet way of reporting with the code word 'ELENIN' = 'ELE' for 'Extinction Level Event' and 'NINí for 'NINeveh' as in the biblical story of Jonah and Nineveh).

Read HERE for an in-depth history (and pictures) of 'Elenin', 'Nibiruí, 'Planet X' or the dozens of other names recorded in ancient historical records. It does its fly-by orbit through our solar system every 3,660 years or so. 

This prophecy in motion will likely result in severe Earth changes.  They will likely occur at the critical times of Elenin's alignment with the Earth and Sun at different times through the end of October, as detailed in the YouTube video at: http://www.activistpost.com/2011/05/bad-news-from-nasa-proof-that-comet.html

The true test of spirituality is practicality, and this will be a big test for everyone to either come into unity (community) of a more enlightened nature, or suffer the dire prophecy as Jonah gave to the people of Nineveh. Remember that Nineveh survived.  Prophecy is a warning.  When it is heeded, true community of a '
Unity Conscience' embraces the 'sacred fire' as is the test of Galactic Alignment through the end of October.

What I suggest is that you center in the heart of your heart where the Divine Mother abides, and ask yourself...

Is it true that this 'Mother of all Prophesies' is converging through the end of October?

Am I responsible for doing what I can to prepare for come what may?

Can I think of anything better to do?

Each to their own JUDGMENT.
With all the buzz about the end of the world these days, it is the Spirit of the Divine Mother (within us) which nurtures and raises up history (his-story) with her story; Mother Earth in rebirth.

Keep the Faith which Neutralizes Fear,

~ Christos

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PS:  On a practical note, for those who are proactive or otherwise pro-life for your life, I highly recommend that you don't get caught with your panty down. Stock up with food and water before the coming Earth changes. It may not be as severe as some predict, but disruption in food supplies and skyrocketing prices are highly likely through to October.  Much of last fall's harvest is still available without contamination from the Fukushima meltdown radiation. See UltraMedics Services for critical survival supplies. And think community -- those of like minds -- who are preparing to survive the tribulations coming. ~ C

"Community is an adventure.  We can never predict what will happen exactly when a group becomes authentic and open to the Spirit.  It's full of surprises.  Thank God, because while the outcomes are usually quite different from what we imagined, they are often far better than we could have dreamed." ~ Dr. Scott Peck, M.D., from his book, A WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN - Civility Rediscovered