Divine Intervention? 
What’s the Delay?


by Christos Lightweaver / 8-7-2012

The London Olympics are proceeding without any world-changing drama. No Olympic-sized terror has materialized... and no UFO first contact as predicted by the sources I previously published HERE and HERE. Perhaps the best explanation for what happened can be found in a more accurate message from the Galactic Federation:

Divine intervention?  What does it take for global humanity to wake up, wise up and rise up... to meet global challenges in a divine way?

We can do it fast in a divine way,
or we can do it the 'hard way'
with more delays.

Sometimes the victory comes quietly and peacefully. No false-flag Olympic-size terror so far!  Perhaps all the attention blew the cover on covert government terror like the European 'Operation Gladio' and the American 'Operation Northwoods'.  Government sponsored domestic terror like the 7-7 London bombings and the 9-11 New York event has been outed.  Media complicity in tyranny has been outed.  And the REAL Olympics -- the Sovereignty Games -- is now going MAINSTREAM so we don't end up playing the 'Hunger Games'.

No false-flag 'alien invasion' so far!  And no 'official contact' with the Crop Circle makers.  Perhaps it's all in divine order with a sufficient quotient of enlightened humanity now poised for mass awakening in harmony with the '2012 CAPstone Event'... the 'Creative Ascent Process' of Universal Co-Creation.

In the larger scheme of ‘Universe’, we have choice,
we have opportunity, and Universe has methods.

Universe is waiting as the 'Sovereignty Games' come to a grand finale'.  Some will 'get it' and make it happen.  Some won't and will wonder what happened.  So what? Each to their own sovereign soul contracts and free will choice.  Personal and planetary wholEness and healing will naturally be advanced by those who 'get it' and 'give it'... as in for giving.

What’s at issue here?  Some 'alien' influence? 
Or the spirit of
Sovereignty here on Earth
as in all-connected Cosmos?

That’s a choice. The only alien influence is that which alienates the United Sovereigns (US) of Earth… alienating US from our inalienable right of Sovereignty and unity in our diversity… with ‘Unmitigated Faith’ in the inalienablePower of Love’.
That naturally requires
US to wise up and rise up via higher Conscience as pure intention that will naturally lead the way.

At this 2012 time of ‘Divine Intervention’, we must naturally BE  the truth, love and freedom we want to SEE, and the higher one’s aspirations with inspiration of a divine nature...

Know to BE… Look to SEE
Geometric Ordered Divinity

We naturally must ACT like United Sovereigns to receive
the blessings and benefits thereby.

If you know the language of ‘pure geometry’ as the universal archetypes of cosmic law, you will understand that there is intelligence in ‘The Field’ that frames the order of the holographic universe (fractals) and also frames ancient and modern maps of consciousness (Jung archetypes) as geometrized in the  Model.

That’s an exquisite metaphor folks – modern day parable – stepping down the understanding of universal archetypes into a frame of reference for global self-governance with interactive ‘real time’ mass-to-mass TeLeCommand global self-healing with Universal Self Care.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s more like ‘quantum’ science… ’unified field’ science… ‘Source Field’ science… and all for the purpose of culturing enlightened Conscience in our local and global social networks:

- For wholEness and healing in our core social institutions, rebooting the
       Currency of Conscience with update of five
core Constitutional freedoms;

- For up-wising and up-rising as the United Sovereigns of Earth, upgrading
TeLeComm with 'TLC' as shapes the ‘MegaShift MegaTrends
       for more social
Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

- For global holistic healing with free on-line TeLeCare - Universal Self Care -
      as will demonstrate which healing modalities and protocols work best for
      each one's unique metabolic type and current wellness profile.

By the grace of non-invasive self-governing 'Divine Intervention', the obstacles to global evolution revolution will soon be removed by public servants who have sworn allegiance to the Constitution… THE ALLIANCE… against all enemies of our five core Constitutional freedoms.

So we can say… “We did it ourselves!”

 All Ways ,

~ Christos

PS: Prepare for the '2012 CAPstone Event';
        Prepare your DNA with 'food for thought';
  'more light' for body, mind and spirit.


Prime Directive: ‘Be Kind ~ Bless Mankind’

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as a way to support '2012


 is for the ision of irtue and alor in the ow
  for the
ictory of Civility - worldwide  -
  in all archetypal ‘whol
Eness’ dimensions of our
     Co-Creation with Universe as
United Sovereigns.

We are anonymous in a unanimous way.

We will always remember…
for giving.