Disclosure of Olympic Proportions

by Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic LOVE

Author of 2012 LOVE Unveiled


The issue of FULL DISCLOSURE of very advanced technology
-- being suppressed by a self-serving cabal of corrupt power --
for ALL life on Earth.

Compassion as the full power of love makes fear obsolete.
Fear is the opposite of love. The more love, the less fear,
 and less anger, agitation and alienation that goes with fear.

So be aware of provocateurs of false flag terror
who try to invert, subvert and pervert
with unabashed diabolical evil and fear.


DisclosureProject.org has been at it for years,
and going mainstream via the Internet.

See their short video HERE...
and a long video below:

This is MUST SEE if you want the truth
that will liberate global humanity from
the grip of terror-for-tyranny tactics by
a corrupt destructive corporatocracy.

Full disclosure of extremely advanced technology for clean
  virtually free energy, global holistic healing and breakthrough
systems for culturing
social Conscience in social networks.

You are the 'imaginal cells' of global metamorphosis:.

What you SEE in your heart of hearts...

What you BELIEVE as the highest good...

What you ASPIRE TO with that pure intent...


Just imagine what it could mean for all of "US"
United Sovereigns)

Abundant, clean and virtually 'free energy' for all humanity...
Enlightened civility with mass-to-mass TeLeComm...
Global holistic healing with Universal Self Care...
Clean-up of life-support systems for Earth...
end of global poverty in one generation.

Many advanced civilizations have achieved this.
It is Earth's divine destiny for 2012.

Conceive It and Believe It to Help Achieve It.

--------- article follows:

Beware of a 'False Flag Alien Invasion'


"Any dispassionate analysis of the facts shows that there is only one reason for such cosmic saber-rattling: To scare, and cower, the public into submission;
to unite the world not in peace, but in a fearsome new world order of global militarism, born out of insecurity. The hope is that we will, once again, give up our liberty to buy security."

By Dr. Steven Greer / DisclosureProject.org

In recent weeks, a series of disturbing mainstream media (MSM) outlets have featured absurd xenophobic pieces about how to handle an Alien Invasion.

In the UK, former Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope speaks extensively of this and likens any country that would not join in the fight as cowards, similar to those who refused to fight Hitler.  Fox News Red Eye show featured a poll, asking who would best handle an alien
invasion : Romney or Obama?

In recent months, countless xenophobic alien invasion movies and video games have emerged, all with the subtext of humanity uniting in a militaristic defense of our homeland earth against the marauding, hideous aliens.

Since the early 1990s, I have been warning of this scenario: that the militarists and covert programs would play the alien invasion card at some point in order to further consolidate power around a military/industrial/financial oligarchy.  No less a figure than Werner Von Braun warned that after the Cold War and global terrorism -- the alien invasion hoax would be foisted on the public.

It would appear that we are in the final countdown to this madness.

It is for this reason that since the late 1980s, any researcher who comes forward with this information -- and evidence of shadowy para-military groups hoaxing abductions, mutilations and the like -- is black-listed by the media and, ironically by the UFO subculture.

But a few facts: In the past century, humans have murdered through organized warfare at least 150 million and perhaps over 200 million of our own people. And this number does not count run-of-the-mill murders.

Humans have weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that could terminate all life on earth in a single exchange. Trillions of dollars have been spent over the decades on this arsenal, while billions of souls go hungry, uneducated and die of preventable diseases.

Notwithstanding these facts, the MSM now wishes us to focus on this supposed alien threat. Why? To divert our eyes from the real task at hand? Disclosure, new energy, peaceful contact, abundance... this is what our focus must be, not fantasies of alien invasions.

It can be proven that ETs have been around very prominently since the nuclear era dawned (see www.DisclosureProject.org). It is also likely that some form of Contact has existed since the dawn of human history.

If they are so awful and hostile, why would ET wait until the earth became an armed camped with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons before making the alleged land-grab for earth?

It is just utter nonsense, and any thinking person knows this.

Moreover, given the technological prowess associated with trans-dimensional interstellar travel, IF these ETs -- were so inclined, the earth could have been conquered, or destroyed,
decades ago.

Additionally, there is substantial evidence that covert military projects have tracked, targeted and on occasion destroyed ET craft. Given this fact, why has there not been massive, overwhelming retaliation by these alleged invaders?

And contrary to the science fiction pablum that passes as fact on this subject, any conflict using trans-dimensional technologies as weapons would last approximately .1 nanosecond before all parties would be vaporized into another dimension. If nuclear weapons would result in global Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), how much more so the deployment of inter-stellar trans-dimensional weapons.

The xenophobes have argued that, somehow, the minerals, or life forms or bio-materials on earth are just too much to resist for these invaders. Really? Why, when there are countless thousands of worlds scattered throughout the cosmos that are earth-like and do not yet have advanced, and violent, civilizations. People mistakenly assume that our little corner of the cosmos is the only place with such biological or mineral assets.

In short, any dispassionate analysis of the facts shows that there is only one reason for such cosmic saber-rattling: To scare, and cower, the public into submission; to unite the world not in peace, but in a fearsome new world order of global militarism, born out of insecurity. The hope is that we will, once again, give up our liberty to buy security.

I hope we will not be fooled again.

Published July 2, 2012

Please forward with compassion for ALL life on Earth. THANKS ~CR


Bottom Line... Just Imagine...

Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Commit with Valor, Make the Vow
and Claim the Victory:
Pure Intention Focuses Attention via
retention for
Conscious Ascension in a diverse Unified Dimension of
Common Sense Unity Conscience experienced with
'discernment' via
Effective Sensory Perception
through the whole-holistic and holy spirit of

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