CrowdFunding Your Dream

 "Never give up on what you really want to do.
    The person with Big Dreams is more powerful
 than one with all the facts."
  ~ Albert Einstein

 Do you have a dream for your life? 
 For your home or local community?
Or for
2015 Global Enlightenment?

Would you like to fund it with
a free Internet posting?

Crowdfunding is now bigger than Facebook.
In 2013, Facebook & CrowdFunding were
running neck and neck...

with Facebook grossing 5.97 billion and
CrowdFunding grossing $5.1 billion.
 But last year...
CrowdFunding grossed almost 11 billion $'s.
What's Your Dream?
* Starting or Expanding a Business
* Build or Renovate a Church
* Creating Projects to Make a Better World
* Funding Home Improvements
* Funding College Loans or Weddings
* Buying a new Car or Home
* Creating a Retirement Fund
* Paying off Loans, Bills, Mortgages, etc.

This following article has several short videos on

plus links to get started.
Have a Great Year!

~ Christopher


Victoria Westcott: CrowdFunding 101

(8 minutes)
Victoria Westcott talks about how CrowdFunding is changing the

way that we create, produce and distribute our creative work.

Crowdfunding is a form of social currency that ultimately represents the currency of conscience governing not only individual interest, but also, collective valuation of that interest with currency of the realm.

Here's one of the better crowdfunding models that has emerged:

Brilliant CrowdFunding Platform Goes Viral!
(short videos follow introduction)

The greatest power you have is the power of choice to
BE and DO what the poor in spirit are not able or
willing to do to see the good and make it so!

Care to Share Your Dream

Here’s our FREE company site for you to enroll:

Here's my dream. What's yours?

Mainstreaming the Foundational
Power and Wisdom of Universal

The Global TLC Project 

The Greater the Conceived and Believed,
the Greater the

is Cultural DNA for interactive mass 'TLC' (TeLeComm)
at the interface heart of personal and global
evolutionary ascent.

It's all in divine order with the
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
Geometric Ordered Divinity)
framing the spiritual nature of the
Language of the Angels of
(our better heart coherent nature)
in resonance with the
Fractal Order of the Holographic Universe:


“Geometry holds the key to creating
 a unified equation of the universe.”
~ Einstein

Einstein… regarding global transformation:
 "...the world desperately needs the mystical experience.”
by Marianne Williamson, from 'Illuminata'

“Albert Einstein once described his creative moments as muscular. There’s a consciousness were capable of that integrates our various dimensions. It’s joyful to be there because it feels like we've broken through constrictions which normally hold us back. This kind of spontaneous integration is not so out of the ordinary, so much as it is not part of ordinary conversation. It is under-discussed, under-investigated, invalidated as too soft or even ridiculed as nonsense. Mystical thought is trivialized, diminished, even labeled inane by our gatekeepers, but spiritual concepts are breaking into the vernacular despite the resistance of a materialistic bias.
     "Science will one day validate the mystical experience in fact it has already begun to do so but this waiting around for science to tell us that the sky is blue is becoming an increasingly unacceptable slowing down of the spiritual wagon train. Who’s giving permission to whom? The mystical experience doesn't need the world at all
, but the world desperately needs the mystical experience."
~ Marianne Williamson

Teachings of the Dragonfly
This is a 3 minute '
mystical meditation' on transformation,
a perfect metaphoric 'totem' for 2015 Global Enlightenment

Music by Carlos Nakai

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."

~ Teihard de Chardin 

Harnessing the Power of the Heart with Sound

Do you have a song or video you would like to produce?

Watch this short video and imagine the possibilities with

'Song of the New Earth' - Official Movie Trailer:

“New solutions will come forward to
 change the course of our history.”

Bottom Line:

Care to Share Your Dream.

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon