The Sun of the Creator Comes.

By Christos Lightweaver

Here’s a ‘blast from the past’ that has a lot to say about the present
'gift'... a 'new time'... as the 'Creator Comes' in 2012.

Mayan Artifact

It's one of 300 ancient artifacts found at La Maná Ecuador in 1984.

This is one of the most intriguing artifact of the group, representing a
pyramid with 13 horizontal divisions or steps (see dollar bill)
with the singular 'EYE' as the capstone.

Advanced technological features are apparent in the stonework,
including MAGNETIC zero-point effects and inlaid lines that
fluoresce, as in the picture above, under ultraviolet light.

The bottom of the triangular artifact bears a gold-plated inscription of the
Orion Belt Constellation, and also, a series of archaic Sanskrit glyphs, the
Mother language from which Mayan and Egyptian glyphs descended.

The single engraved and inlaid florescent EYE is SANSKRIT spiritual symbolism for
psychic vision: the third-eye. As there are no known true pyramids in the Americas,
only a multitude of stepped pyramids, this must be considered a representation of
the GREAT PYRAMID at Giza… thousands of miles away.

Interestingly, this Ecuadorian artifact records finished casing stones as on the original
Giza facade whose casing stones were removed to build the mosques of Cairo

• See Egyptian Benben Stone at:
The CAPstone

This artifact defies any simplistic explanation, revealing that the
 technological capabilities of ancient man were far in advance of
 that used by industrial age man.

See the video regarding this artifact and
The Hidden History of the Human Race':

At 8 min. 55 seconds this video shows pre-Sanskrit glyphs
written under the artifact at the top, translated as:

The Sun of the Creator Comes.”

Note: This video makes a strong case for the rise of a global civilization
about 12,000 years ago, when pyramids were built worldwide…
when the ‘Source Field’ was surging the last time that our
solar system crossed the Galactic Photon Belt as
depicted in the short animated video

The Sun of the Creator Comes.”

Because of what we now know from ‘The Source Field Investigations’,
it would be fair to translate those pre-Sanskrit glyphs as
The Light of Source Comes.”

As you can read for yourself HERE, this Light comes as the ‘CAPstone’
twice every 25,800 years in the Procession of the Equinox… known by
the ancient world as the ‘Great Crossing’.  The 2012 ‘surge’ in this
 ‘Source Field’ is because Galactic Alignment is occurring again:

The Light of Source Comes.”

That is a different way of saying that this is a time of:
Revelations’, or ‘More Light’, or ‘Mass Awakening’,
  or ‘
End of the world of darkness as we’ve known it’.

     Christians may say it’s time for the ‘Second Coming’.
Jews may say it’s time for their ‘Messiah’ to come.
    Muslims may  say it’s time for their ‘Mahdi’ to come.
  Common sense just tells us that THIS IS THE TIME.

   All of the dark-side fear-based “BS” (Belief System)
about any of these ‘Source’ representatives being
‘anti-Light’ or ‘anti-Christ’ or ‘anti-God’ are merely
 different forms of hate-speech as invokes violence
and then justifies their hate when violence erupts.

The Light of Source brings up
all that that is unlike itself
for transmutation and
evolutionary ascent.

For some more astounding revelations about the
Ecuador artifacts discovered in 1984, see:

Get the Picture?  Now is the time ordained.


2012 LOVE Unveiled

~ Christos

PS: More on the 'gift' follows, for those who have read this far. ~ C.

Keynote Highlights* to 'Expose and Develope':

by ‘The Metaphysician

* Speaking to the Soul The Lightweaver as a Dream Catcher

"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh;
and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men
shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions."

~Joel 2:28, King James Version

   Dream catcher
by the Founder/CEO of HEARTcom Services

* Imagineering a Golden Age
by HEARTcom’s “Metaphysician

“In the new enlightenment, the reason we love to become one with a process of
healing, with heart- centered-whol
Eness via heartware cyberEthics…
is not merely to experience some form of mystical intuition and
sense of oneness with
Effective Sensory Perception.
We love to culture atONEment and healing
for the biggest reason of all, so all
can have response ability
to make it so.”

Global TeLeCommunity is rapidly decentralizing with response ability
for global responsibility to culture abundant love Conscience.
A new global "judicial system" (love of wise dominion)
is culturing our common sense Net reality with
open systems of public representation
- a new global legislative system -
that cultures Conscience
with the power of

The 2012 State of Global Evolution

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin


    ~ Seize the Vision… the Power of ;
 ~ Embrace the Virtue… Wisdom in ;
~ Commit with Valor…  -in-action;
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 “It ain’t rocket science… it’s quantum science;
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