Cosmic Crop Circles

by Christopher Rudy, radio talk show host of
Cosmic LOVE

If you like the subject of crop circles, you'll love this interview with Suzanne Taylor,
Producer / Director of the award-winning film
"What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery"

This show is archived on Cosmic LOVE, BBS Radio.
It's the  October 9th show.


This film is a work of art that features the mysterious works of art we call "crop circles".

"Brilliant, groundbreaking... incredibly beautiful and powerful" ~ Whitley Strieber, Bestselling Author

See the exceptional trailer for this film at:

"By far the most comprehensive, well-balanced, and heart-centered overview of crop circles I have seen." ~ Alan Cohen, Author and Teacher

Introduction to the movie with more video clips can be seen at Suzanne's blog, Making Sense of These Times (, offering progressive ideas about conscious evolution, ET/UFO disclosure and the 2012 time-line.

Since appearing in the media in the 1970s, the virtual bombardment of intelligence in crop circles has evolved from simple geometric patterns to sophisticated coded information.  The presence of a higher intelligence monitoring Earth -- reality TV for the ET's -- has been confirmed with crop circle precision that includes advanced mathematics, digital codes, and coming events on the 2012 time-line.

Those who are familiar with the concept of geometric thoughtforms for the expansion of consciousness will not be surprised that meditations on specific crop circle patterns have been responsible for miraculous healing of both physical and mental afflictions, as referenced in this film.

We all know the trouble that Western civilization is in now.  If ever there was a time to be curious and open to higher intelligence and conscious evolution, now is the time.

For up-wising and up-rising, tune into this up-lifting message on crop circles.

Enjoy the Show!


 Host of Cosmic LOVE

PS:  See also the archived show for Oct. 23rd, a Cosmic LOVE, an interview with Fred Burks.  Before resigning from the US State Department in 2004 due to excessive secrecy demands, Fred Burks served for many years as a language interpreter for presidents and other dignitaries. He interpreted for Clinton, G.W. Bush, Gore, Cheney, and many other top officials of the US and other countries. Having participated in numerous secret meetings where the only people allowed were the principals and their interpreters, he has acquired important inside information and contacts. As a participant in a global network of courageous individuals dedicated to the transformation of our world, he has also received an abundance of both deep inside information and inspiring, empowering information that we can all use to build a brighter future together. Explore the mind and heart expanding websites managed by Fred's nonprofit PEERS network: - Websites for inspiration, education, & empowerment; - The power of love at the heart of spirit that matters; - Online courses to expand your horizons; - Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups; - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us.


Crop Circles 101

Look to See ~ Know to Be

(Geometrically Ordered Divinity)

All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ()
  with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy “whole” (
in all archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic


To love with all your mind ~  eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
and all your heart ~ , right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature, 
and all your strength ~
, balanced brain of a synergy nature,
 and your sovereign neighbor ~ 
, whole brain representation
  in our Global Village as thyself ~
, culturing Unity Conscience.