Core Global Problems

Core Global Problems
Special Report
March 20, 2017 Equinox

Is Trump Draining the Deep State Swamp?
Or is the Deep State ‘OverRuling’ Trump?

As reviewed in the previous article on the Deep State,
and specifically, the video at the top of that article
How Trump Can Beat the Deep State
there are deeply entrenched special interests
that are “fascist” (anti-democracy) in nature,
with an agenda that is virtually ‘antichrist’ as
a self-serving intent to OverRule core values
  of a Constitutional Republic in our worldwide
 Internet Age – our '
Five Core Net Freedoms'.


 This is a core global problem of 'who profits'
under the prevailing 'economics of scarcity'
   whereby power without core principles of the
     Constitution has concentrated power of those
who profit of from war, disease and Zionist
    control of Big Banks, Big Media and Fed-Gov
  lobbies that buy-off and blackmail our reps.

 Quote by Robert David Steele from the following video:
   “The Deep State in the larger sense consists of
   the Rothschilds on top – 12 banking families
 underneath them – and competing with the
  Chinese version of the Rothschilds which is
   actually beneficial to humanity. So the Deep
    State starts with the Rothschilds, goes down
    to the banking families, and then goes down
     to government ministers and legislators who
   are bribed
[and/or blackmailed]. Then it goes
   down to secret Intel services as subsidized
by the American intelligence services.”   

Donald Trump vs the Whores of War
Published March 13, 2017

March 17, 2017

The CIA is just another tool for the people who run the world. They want total information control. They want to know what you're thinking. And they may already have the capacity to do that. This is just the beginning. Wikileaks has only released 1% of Vault 7. Multiply the revelations so far by 100. What do you get? They want to know what you're thinking and control your every act. They want you to be a completely controllable slave. No one could be that evil? Oh yes they could, or rather, the dark force controlling them could.Have a critical mass of people finally awoken to this horrible fact yet? Can the Vault 7 leak get us to the point where we can fully face this reality?

How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers:
The CIA's 60-Year History of Fake News
March 17, 2017 /

Understanding the 'Deep State' Core Issue.
Does it Respect the Will of the People?

Published March 17, 2017
 Not long ago if you mentioned the Deep State many would call you a
 conspiracy theorist. This cross-talk discusses how strong it is and its
  loyalties. And most importantly, does it respect the will of the people?

This is the core CHOICE facing global humanity.

 How one responds to the words 'freedom', 'sovereignty', 'free-will' and
'choice' defines the extent to which one is liberated from 'selfishness'
as 'Service to Self' as identifies with one's own family, tribe, nation or
 social network as a 'group think' (hive mind) surrender of individuality
  as compared to 'Service to Others' in terms of collective good will that
honors the virtue of social conscience based on 'response ability' as
the ability to respond with 'Five Core Internet Freedoms' that culture
 conscientious common sense representing what is truly best for all.

This is the CHOICE to fulfill our personal-planetary destiny
 along more enlightened lines that frame the Constitution of
  Conscience for a new world waiting to be born in the image
  and likeness of common-natural-universal 'cosmic'
  as emphasized in the article 'March Equinox 2017' HERE.

So hold fast to the vision of our ascension.
And claim the victory of virtue and valor
that sees the good... to make it so!

All Ways , Always,

PS: Since the 'Impeach Trump' agenda has reached
 hysterical proportion in the Deep State mass media,
the following video has provided some comic relief: