Columbus Day 2011

The Aquarian Protocols of Freedom-in-Love


by Christopher Rudy


As we learn to love with a spirit that’s for giving,
humor can laugh at a past once called ‘living’.
A cooperative spirit transcends domination as
the veil thins and grins at human subjugation.

As all things are revealed with search capacity,
informed choice is shaping our Net reality.

No matter what happens, may it truly be said:
   Choose freedom-in-love or we’re already dead.


Heartcom Network /10-10-11: Columbus Day and the ‘Occupation of Wall Street’ by protesters may seem like disparate events, but resistance to injustice has not abandoned the heart of the 99% of us who make less than one million per year.

Our freedom to BE is our sovereign authority
harnessing the power of love as our reality
replacing inequity with unity beyond duality.
It has become self-evident, to most of the 99%, that the end of endless war, for the profit of the 1%, is not the hatred of war but the love of peace.  That's what Main Street America is really saying.  Join "US" (United Sovereigns) of Earth,
as The Alliance in compliance with Earth's love for rebirth.
     This singular connection with intuitive direction
love within, and when we all enter in,
    we find a unity state… with one clear mandate.
It's time to get congruent with a love language that is fluent. Government of, by and for the aristocracy of the 1% is NOT what U.S. Founders had in mind when they made a stand for a system of representative that was supposed to be a beacon of light for the world. But now we see that Wall Street and militarized corporate government has occupied Main Street as if someone walked into our house and told us they live here now.


We get what we ‘ask for’ in the large scheme
   of cause and effect that only love can redeem.

   Thomas Jefferson wrote, “My wish was, to see both Houses of Congress cleaned of all persons interested in the bank or public stocks - cleansed, that is - of all corruption.”
     What goes around comes around, sooner or later,
  and this cosmic law applies for lover or hater.

“If only Jefferson could see what is happening today. Not only do
 stockholders own the banks and the rotten, stinkin' derivatives
 they sold us, they have the nerve to scream about socialism now,
after they have been the recipients of it."

Leslie Griffith, a Wall Street Occupation protester.
      As we forsake the priorities of external authorities,
and focus attention with love’s pure intention,
           elitism will crumble thanks to the meek and humble
         whose ascension begins with our journey within.
The Wall Street problem is like a systemic dis-ease in the body of civilization, and denial or willful ignorance of the symptoms is no remedy for the cause – the highly organized self-serving interests that have privatized profits and socialized losses.
It’s become rather clear for those living beyond fear;
 cherish love's vibe in how you see and you hear.

Though the system is rigged, if we snooze we will lose;
with consensus we honor what the 99% choose.
The Wall Street metric for who owns and controls America is the same stock ownership that Jefferson sought to eliminate at the birth of the Republic.  The privately owned banking monopoly LOANS and OWNS the military-industrial complex (that profits from the creation and maintenance of war)…. LOANS and OWNS the medical-industrial (Big Pharma / Big Insurance) complex (that profits from the creation and treatment of disease)… LOANS and OWNS the media-industrial complex (that profits from propaganda promoting terror war and disease care)… and ALL of these status quo monopolies have interlocking stock directorships via the corporate monopolies of Big Oil in collusion with Big Government’s enforcing agencies who pass laws written by lobbyists of these monopolists who are robbing us all of health, peace, prosperity and the truth of all this that would set us 'Free-in-Love'.
    So open the door where the light promises more
for souls who are freed from dogma or creed.
     And in that light, every parent, sister and brother
   will now wise up and rise up to help each other.
You may have heard of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ which is the script for domination of the world that has been fulfilled in an uncanny and nefarious way the last 100 years.  If you follow the news, you are also aware that the "ZioNazi' cabal behind militarized corporate government is getting rather desperate to orchestrate World War III in the Mid-East to keep their golden calf 'cash cow' going for their own inordinate power and profit.  That's why it's time for...
The Aquarian Protocols of Freedom-in-Love

The door to enlightenment for a long golden age
Is the ‘Language of the Angels beyond any rage.
The ‘Law of the Angles’ thus frames a new page
To write on, to journal, our conscious ascension
Into Co-Creation realms of the fifth dimension.

Is it true that the 'Wall Street Occupation' is a radically decentralized grass-roots up-rising like the Arab Spring movement?  Are you aware that the original Boston Tea Party and the contemporary 'Tea Party Movement' sprang from the same rebellion against economic tyranny and corruption without public consent?  And would you agree that Wall Street abused Main Street by making billions on bets that the housing market would collapse, after they set up that collapse in collusion with government regulators?

We can upgrade the change we all want to see
 By culturing
Conscience with sincere humility;
  Conscientiously co-operating with the one light
 Above as within us and from left brain to right.

Would you agree that the 99% have the right to be offended by the same 'inside traders', that turned out to be traitors, making a killing on war, disease, and the impoverishment of the public, but have not changed the policies nor the course of corruption that owns full responsibility for the inordinate love of power which inverts, subverts and perverts the ordained power of love?

Intuitive knowing can no longer be hindered
     As sovereignty’s flame is judiciously rendered;
 The Source of all knowing is now taking wing
   As love rules the nature of each one as 'KING'.

Pure intention for the evolutionary ascension of civility is service to others, or as Edgar Cayce said, “It’s not good enough to be good, but to be good for something.”  In good Conscience, that ‘something’ moves from judgement to discernment… moving from win/lose, right/wrong duality consciousness with fork-tongued, two-faced consequences of political double-speak… moving towards win/win co-operative unity Conscience with unity-in-diversity consequences of solidarity for sovereignty whereby all are “KING” with the “Keys to INternalization of God” (freedom-in-love).
KINGdom Conscience is not a mystery when known.
    The truth is truly universal as the masters have shown.
         Find your heart to find your way from the very beginning.
      The path may be steep but that’s how we’re all winning.

Discernment is
your intuitive right-brain’s ‘non-linear’ ability to distinguish the vibrations of real and unreal, of the heart or not of the heart, service to others or service to self. Conversely, the left-brain’s ‘linear’ propensity to judgement is using the mind of separation to interject or project a value judgment on someone or something.

The greatest mysteries are indeed veiled in paradox.
   Paradigms change as we transcend the 'linear box’.
 The end begins anew in the 'Circle of Wholeness'.
   As cycles turn rapidly and we rediscover holiness.

Discernment is essential to acquire if you want to make spiritual progress with a soul-source-love connection with respect for the beliefs of others.  It's a razor's edge, where discernment must navigate judgement, which is subject to ego-habit-fear filters which limit non-linear right-brain intuition due to linear left-brain ‘logic’ that kills the "spirit of Constitutional Law" (win/win cooperation) with the "letter of the law" (win/lose competition) which too often surrenders to security without purity, power without Constitutional principle, and profit without allegiance to 'The Alliance' of conscientious common sense Conscience.

It is pure intention in the linear  left brain  ~  
pays attention in spherical  right brain ~ 

love’s retention with a balanced brain ~

evolutionary ascension of wholEness ~

higher dimensions of
Source Conne


May the Source Be With YouJ


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