Revelation 6:12-17
And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Is the sixth seal the result of "Planet X" orbit between the earth and sun?

One interpretation is that Planet-X may be the cause of the blackening of the sun like sackcloth of hair, the turning of the moon to blood, the great earthquake and the stars falling from the sky (meteorites). This would result from the sudden and unexpected passing of Planet-X between the earth and the sun, completely blocking its light.

From the sixth seal, there is only the seventh seal separating the seals from The seven trumpets and seven bowls -- God's wrath poured out on the children of disobedience; Ephesians 5:1-8  The seventh seal is only ½ hour of silence in heaven, meaning that the sixth seal event occurs on the same day as the trumpets, which are only handed out after all seven seals have been opened on the scroll written on both sides.

The “first trumpet” is fire and hail mixed with “blood” (iron oxide?) falling on the earth and the second trumpet is “a great mountain burning with fire cast into the sea” (asteroid?). All this happens suddenly, catching those on the earth by surprise.

This is a scenario that is likely with a brown dwarf star like Planet X, passing between the Earth and the Sun:

The Book of LUKE, Chapter 21 {The LORD Jesus Christ, speaking}

  9 And when you hear of wars and insurrections (disturbances, disorder,
     and confusion), do not become alarmed and panic-stricken and terrified;
     for all this must take place first, but the end will not [come] immediately.
10 Then He told them, Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against
      kingdom. [II Chron. 15:6; Isa. 19:2.]
11 There will be mighty and violent earthquakes, and in various places,
      famines and pestilences (plagues: [c] malignant and contagious or infectious
      epidemic diseases which are deadly and devastating); and there will be
      sights of terror and great signs from heaven.

Comment from Planet X researcher, John DiNardo:

The "sights of terror and great signs from heaven" refers to comets, asteroids, and meteors, some of which are already being sighted, but are kept out of the mass media, because it might disturb the economy. And now we see *colossal* earthquakes exploding all over the Earth, only the most visible of which are being reported by the mass media, because they want to avoid alarming the public. Government/media silence has caused the deaths of many thousands in China, Chile, and in other countries which recently suffered massive unwarned earthquakes. We, who track these seismic events, need to urge others who are now asleep and wish to remain asleep (mesmerized by TV entertainment) to stop recycling their empty plastic bottles, and start filling them up with tap water, as well as to start buying bags of lentils and barley, and cans of sardines and salmon.

Expect major United States earthquakes -- and when they do explode, there will be damage and disabling of fuel oil lines, electric power, highways, trucking, rail and air transportation, natural gas lines, computerized functions in every aspect of modern society, medical services, etc.  All of these supplies and services will be disrupted and even terminated. Why do I say that massive earthquakes - not may, but *will* soon explode all over the world?    Because an increasing number of astronomers, astrophysicists, and science researchers are learning about and reporting on the approach (below the southern skirt of our Solar System's orbital plane) of an enormous brown dwarf star, coming in from deep space on a highly elliptical cometary orbit, intruding from below the nine planets' orbital plane, and being pulled upward toward our Sun by the pulling force of the Sun's enormous gravitationally attracting mass.

What in the world does this cometary intrusion have to do with earthquakes? This comet is now exerting traumatic gravitational, electromagnetic, and electrostatic forces upon our Earth's molten core and on it crustal surface. Deep seabed volcanic eruptions are now consequently increasing. The frequency and intensity of earthquakes are now consequently increasing. Wild, perilous windstorms, flooding rains and yo-yo-like temperature swings are sweeping the Earth. Meteorological marauders such as haboobs and red dust storms, along with monster cyclones are popping in the Middle East, in Australia, and elsewhere.

Ostriches who stick their heads in the sand make their butts a vulnerable target. ~ John DiNardo


w8n4him's post at Prophecy News Watch:

Sumerians named this rogue planet Nibiru, the Babylonians named it Marduk. The ancient Mesopotamians believed that Nibiru was the 12th planet in our solar system and that it was “heaven” where their gods resided and came from. The Nibirians, the people of Nibiru, are often referred to as Anunnaki – or Nephilim. There is said to be a 10th planet headed towards earth on a trajectory that would cause catastrophic damage Globally, including severe earthquakes, polar shift, widespread volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc. To find anything in the media talking about Planet X is a challenge to say the least.

It would seem however, that NASA is not only aware of Planet X, but actively hides this information from us. NASA is pretty quiet about Planet X. They certainly are not warning anyone to prepare for its passage. If you did not know any better you would conclude from this alone that Planet X is a hoax. However, the fact is that NASA was the first to announce the discovery of Planet X, back in 1980s as reported in the June 19, 1982 edition of the New York Times: Something out there beyond the furthest reaches of the known solar system is tugging at Uranus and Neptune. A gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object, the long-sought Planet X. Astronomers are so certain of this planet's existence that they have already named it "Planet X - the 10th Planet."

Apparently the announcement of the discovery was a slip because within a week they retracted it and have been publicly silent ever since. Yet, there is sufficient evidence that they have had an internal project tracking Planet X as this NASA internal document years later records:

If Planet X is really coming and NASA has been watching it for years, one would naturally want to know why they are not talking about it. James McCanney has dealt closely with NASA during his career, having had access to their data while he was at Cornell, and can explain why this is. He claims this is because NASA is under congressional order not to tell anybody if they discover a doomsday scenario coming—the same edict that restrains public officials from telling the public of an impending disaster and causing a panic. It has to go out through some official channel if it goes out at all. If this is true, then in light of NASA's demonstrated knowledge of Planet X, it s m ore frightening that they have been silent about it than if they had continued to update the public since their initial discovery, like they do with comets or new planets like Sedna and Xena. This indicates to me that they know its passing will not be harmless like Comet Hale Bopp's was seven years ago (which follows a similar orbit and is thought by McCanney to have been part of Planet X's entourage at one time.)

If we accept that NASA knows about Planet X but will not tell us for whatever reason, then what about the amateur astronomers who are not restricted from telling? Why are they not reporting Planet X? The problem, according to McCanney, is that Planet X's lack of brightness and position make it hard to see. Its current location makes it visible only in the Spring, rather than all year round. But even then you have to be on the right place on Earth because of Planet X's skewed elliptical orbit. McCanney claims that it actually approaches our solar system from below the ecliptic (plane of the planets' orbits) meaning the best viewing is from the Southern Hemisphere which is mostly water and less densely populated. McCanney comments on this in writing about the above Harrington abstract:

In 1991 Robert S. Harrington, head of the Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. wrote an internal abstract which culminated over a decade of theoretical and observational astronomy with a team of experts. He was in charge of the NASA directed search for a large planet at the edge of our solar system that had been perturbing the orbits of the outer planets. Many previous attempts had been made, all leading to incorrect results ... but this time Harrington was certain that he had found the location of the large rogue planet. What is interesting is

1.    NASA for decades had sponsored a search for this object with the highest level staff members available

2.    it was fully aware that something big was entering our solar system and as you will see ...

3.    it seems that anyone associated with the results has been silenced either by death or by fear. A shroud of secrecy and deception surrounds this entire story.

Part of the discovery of Planet X was based on the fact the outer large planets Uranus and Neptune were being pulled DOWN in their orbits. No other effect could cause such a change in the orbits of these planets except the existence of a very large previously undiscovered celestial object which had to exist down and in the direction of the unexplainable motions of these outer giant planets. Harrington knew that it had to be BIG and it had to be down below the plane of the planets (the ecliptic). He also knew that since it had not been there before that it must be a new body entering the solar system. Harrington wrote a brief abstract telling of his final trip scheduled to New Zealand in the Spring month of May to perform the blink photographic session with a 20 cm astrograph (approximately 8" aperture high precision camera). This seemed like what should be a routine observation and so sure was Harrington of the location of this object in the sky that he planned only two successive nights for the two required photos. These would be returned to Washington to determine the location and size of the new object.

An 8" camera in 1991 to 93 (the date that we believe Harrington made his final expedition ... NASA information is scarce) was not very large so we are not talking about professional grade equipment ... that is, this object was expected to be very large and Harrington knew it would be only visible during the month of May from a very southerly remote location on Earth. He chose New Zealand over the rugged uncharted regions of Patagonia in South America.

(The abstract referred to was quoted earlier.) So a big reason why Planet X is not obvious to the world already is because it is best viewed close to the South Pole—where there are fewer people and fewer observatories to find it. But McCanney reports another problem. At times there is much haze in the atmosphere that makes viewing a diffuse, dim object like Planet X hard to do unless you are looking directly at it from a 90 degree angle (only possible from the South Pole itself). All this, in conjunction with the science establishment's cover-up gives Planet X the conditions needed to blindside the majority of Earth's inhabitants.

Even someone from NASA has admitted the possibility of being blindsided. David Morrison, Director of Space & Astrobiology at NASA's Ames Research Center has spoken before Congress on the 0threat of cosmic impacts. He writes:

It is possible for a comet to 'sneak up' on Earth, escaping detection until it is only a few weeks from impact. A perpetual survey is required to detect long-period comets, and even with such a survey we cannot be sure of success.

Of course, Planet X is supposed to be bigger than a comet and therefore harder to miss as it gets closer. But there is another big reason Planet X would not be easily seen. Objects that approach us from our sunward side are obscured by the glare of the Sun and are nearly impossible to see.

Here are two examples of asteroids that recently "blindsided" the Earth from the direction of the Sun.

From March 8, 2004:

An asteroid large enough to have flattened a city buzzed Earth earlier this month and was not seen until after it flew harmlessly by. The space rock approached Earth in the glare of the Sun, a blind spot that made it impossible to see during the day or night from any terrestrial vantage point. The event illustrates the potential of a surprise hit by an asteroid, astronomers said.  In a telephone interview, Williams explained there was no way to see the asteroid until it moved out of the Sun's glare and to the opposite side of Earth in relation to the Sun -- Earth's night side.

 Here's another one from December 19, 2004:

Astronomers spotted an asteroid this week after it had flown past Earth on a course that took it so close to the planet it was below the orbits of some satellites. The rock approached Earth from near the Sun and so would have been nearly impossible to detect prior to close passage. It soared over Antarctica -- underneath the planet, Washington State University researcher Pasquale Tricarico told the Asteroid/Comet Connection.  Astronomers are aware of this significant blind spot for asteroids that approach Earth while in the glare of the Sun. Only a space telescope could detect such objects before they arrive.

 What Evidence Is There?

In spite of NASA's cover-up and the difficulty of an observation for amateurs, McCanney explains that there is quite a bit of evidence pointing to the existence and near passage of Planet X.

Perturbations in the orbits of the planets: As early as the mid-1800s scientists noticed the orbits of Neptune and Uranus not going exactly according to theoretical expectations. These deviations could not be explained by miscalculations in the masses of the planets, as the direction of the deviations was downward according to McCanney.

Solar Weather: McCanney says, "We're seeing the Sun at an excited level never before seen. There was a solar maximum in the year 2000 that would be the expected time for the Sun to reach the maximum of activity on its 11-year solar cycle, and after that it would be expected to diminish in energy over that 11-year span of time. We should be well on the way in the year 2003 to the solar minimum, but instead, the Sun is at an explosive state never before seen in the history of our solar system. My theoretical work shows how, in fact, the Sun is interacting with some large object that we have not seen yet -- NASA probably has seen it, but it is not telling us -- causing the dramatic solar flares that we're seeing." Earth weather has also been erratic in recent years (four hurricanes hitting Florida in 2004, for example). McCanney claims that this is directly a result of the increased solar activity which drives Earth's weather according to his proven theories. Many have been talking about increased earthquakes since the 1990s. One must wonder what is causing this change. There is a cause for every effect.

Could it be Planet X causing this? We see later from Scripture that great earthquakes will be associated with Planet X's passing. Because McCanney had not made an observation of Planet X, he refuses to speculate on the timing of Planet X. But in his own words, due to the scientific and historical evidence for Planet X, its passage is "not a question of if, but when."

What Will Happen When It Passes?

The odds of Planet X hitting us are very remote. But, unfortunately, an impact is not necessary to cause catastrophes. Because of the gravity and magnetism of Planet X, it will be able to disrupt things on Earth from a distance, just as it is allegedly already doing to the solar system.

Here's what McCanney says:

The effects on the Earth are very clear, both from my theoretical work and from what the ancients describe. There are episodes of mountain building. There could be a pole shift caused by a gravitational tidal wave that moves through the surface mantle of the Earth. There would be flooding both from tidal waves of the oceans, tremendous atmospheric storms and also from a huge pollution influx of oil and water -- hydrocarbons and water -- from inner planetary space onto Earth. And all of these things have been seen in the past. The Bible talks about, for example, when all the vermin, bugs, insects and snakes came out of the ground and overran the Earth [Ex 7-8—Ed.]. This was a direct result of the electric fields penetrating the mantle of the Earth and causing these creatures to leave the ground and come out of the ground. The atmospheric conditions include the increase in the number of volcanoes going off.

These planetary objects do not have to come necessarily that close to Earth to cause even dramatic Earth changes. Electrical discharges can occur between the planets even a distance apart. These, in fact, have been measured with NASA satellites where, in the 1990s, we saw incredible electrical discharges flow between Jupiter and Earth, taking out a number of our communication satellites. The scientists at that time were totally puzzled that outer space could do this. They still don't understand the very electrical nature of our solar system. Then there is also the debris which earth would travel through after the passage of Planet X. Earth would be literally bombarded with meteorites, dust and dirt...