Cosmic Love Show Today
5pm PDT (8pm EDT)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aspiring to Greatness
by Christopher Rudy,
Host of Cosmic Love

Many of my guests on Cosmic Love are those I consider authentic heroes; a full spectrum of enlightened souls with extraordinary vision, virtue, valor and experience pioneering the new frontier of Cosmic Love.  Personally, I'm fascinated by the journey of the hero as made famous by Joseph Campbell's book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces

My first show on Cosmic Love is a true story, On the Path of God and Country, a photo-journal account of one of the most amazing examples of divine synchronicity you may have ever heard of. Since then, I've sought out the miraculous through the hero journey of others.

After six years of
archived Cosmic Love shows, interviewing people a lot smarter than me, I've gone through a personal metamorphosis. Cosmic Love has changed me.  I may not learn fast, but I learn good... the steady path of inspiration that aspires to greatness. 

What I've learned is that the expectation and anticipation for greatness -- one's aspiring to greatness -- is often the prelude of the experience.  In the larger scheme of conscious evolution (eternal progression), we ultimately get what we ask for as an experience for empowering wisdom of a more enlightened love nature; all that IS REAL in the spirit of Cosmic Love.

Often the lesson is what NOT to do, learning the hard way through bad choices. But the fast track to the high ground aspires to greater service to others... liberating greatness in others as serves the benefit of all.

American Heroism: Aspiring to Greatness

Of course, the new high ground for ‘AMERICA’
is no longer a place in space (geographically).
Space as we have known it on Earth has been
virtually eliminated by the instant-everywhere
  and interactive Internet – our new global village.

     Our hearts and minds can now connect with a new
 social Conscience in our global social networks,
  the global-connected high ground for ‘AMERICA’
- the scrambled anagram code for 'I AM RACE' -
in terms of 'I AM' (pure intent) of united 'RACE'
   of, by and for conscious ascent as a progressive
  gathering of the tribes of ‘IS REAL’, a worldwide
   check up from the neck up (reality check) as will
    involve and evolve the full spectrum of awakening
   to the
Power of Love and Wisdom of Peace with
    The Spirit that Matters on Earth as in Cosmos.

This common sense aspiration to unity
reflects and perfects our spirituality as
The United Sovereigns of Earth’.

  This is true AMERICAN greatness that
   aspires to universal 'wholEness' in the
  larger scheme of conscious evolution
on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.


Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Vow with Valor,
and Claim the Victory of Global Freedom-in-Love


When the highest capstone vision of God Government
is co-opted by the money-changers in the temple of
the U.S. Treasury, the nation’s wealth is hijacked
and banksters divide-to-conquer for their profit
with terror, war, disease, disinformation and
a disintegrating system of debt servitude.

Bloomberg is a billionaire beneficiary of Wall Street
 that puts interests of stockholders before the public
whenever profits are at stake. This is corporate law
  as today challenges global consent of the governed.

This is why the 'Patriot Act' has proven unpatriotic.
It's why 'Health Care' has become disease care.
It's why open government has become secret.
And it is why the 2010 'Citizens United Case'
gave 'personhood' to soulless corporations
who flood elections with their dark money
and flood Congress with dark agendas.

This is why whistleblower heroes cry foul, and
  why the
hypnotic matrix of cherished illusion is
   dispersing with the dawning light of a new age.

This evolution revolution in hearts and minds
could be far different than we ever imagined
and yet far better than we ever saw coming.

So take heart, see the good, and make it so!

~ Christopher

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