The Aquarian Dispensation

Culturing Freedom-and-Opportunity with the
  Currency of Conscience for Co-Creation with
  Co-Operative Communication Co-Ordination.

by Christos Lightweaver

In ‘G.O.D.’ We Trust – the Order of the Universe
Geometric Ordered Divinity) of, by and for
One World Under
- 'Indivisible'.


 Now is the time prophesied.

We can do this the hard way or the easy way.

 Earth’s divine destiny is to ‘Co-Create’ with
the spirit of the ‘Great Law’ as is framed by

The Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
(fractal order of the holographic universe, i.e.,
how it’s all connected rather than separate)

for the purpose of representing all of ‘U.S.
United Sovereigns of Earth) with the
Language of the Angels of one

(our better humane nature).

The golden rule/law language for every
golden age in cosmic history.

Cosmic as 'law' and 'language'
is not a mystery when known:

The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated
by near-death experience researcher Kenneth Ring

 In less than 4 minutes, this video clearly elucidates

the universal law 'language' of Cosmic
the judgment at the heart of each one's 'life review'.

The 'inner space interface' for the ‘InnerNet’.

Believe it or not, in the infinite-eternal continuum, there is a Creator-God ‘Source’ of all-pervasive/universal power, wisdom and love that weaves the fabric of space and time BEYOND the limited human sense of separation from All That Is Real... for greater unity in diversity as will gather the tribes of 'Is Real' as United Sovereigns of Earth… empowering wisdom with love at the heart of a global golden age.

This 'Three-Fold Flame'
is dedicated to
 the One Eye 


Intention, attention, retention and ascension
in the soul's
dimension of 'Co-Creation'
~Source on Earth
as it is in cosmogenesis-at-large.

In the larger scheme of eternal progression,
there are universal principles of, by and for
conscious evolution that will not budge:

1- We are made by , we are made of ,
   and we are created for
… and the higher
     one’s concept of
, the greater the results.

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

 2- Light ‘brings up’ all that is less than itself for
    transformation via enlightenment as naturally
 as ‘Effective Sensory Perception’

"If the shadows appear to be getting darker,
it's because the light that casts them
is getting brighter."
~ Daniel Pinchbeck

3- The language of light is a universal language
   that involves and evolves our individual and
         collective awareness of HOW we are conscious.

“One does not become enlightened by
imagining figures of light, but by
  making the darkness conscious."

~ Carl Jung

4- The greatest power to have and hold is the
      power of love, whether humble or bold, and
  will bless your
life review when all is told.

“Ah Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire
    To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would not we shatter it to bits - and then
    Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!”

~ Omar Khayyam

Disclosure is Going Mainstream 

   The full implications of this are important    

 "Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

Yes, man can harness the physical winds. He can also harness the spiritual winds of Aquarius that are surging at this amazing time of Galactic Alignment - the surge of Photonic Light that is rapidly morphing our DNA, consciousness and world-atl-large. 

The Aquarian Dispensation is ordained to represent this whole, holistic and otherwise holy spirit ‘frequency’ of freedom in love, as in frequently... a love of freedom that understands and appreciates that the higher the concept of divine cosmic love, the greater the results.  And to the extent that pure intention sets the direction for the perfection of a love frequency -- as in frequently -- to THAT extent does the holy spirit of
-in-action make it so!

That’ when: “... for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."

~ Christos

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, you are a leader."
~ John Quincy Adams