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The Quantum Matrix for April 2014

The 'Cardinal Grand Cross' is blazing, and
"The Force" (
quantum field) is with '

United Sovereigns!

This world is a struggle for souls of Conscience
and this struggle is reaching an April climax that
 has major repercussions for 2014 and beyond.

   by Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic Love

                   3-30-2014 / New Moon

Quantum science regarding the 'quantum field'
has opened the door to a 'Pandora's Box' that
represents the full potential of mass awakening
with severe consequences for suppressing this
process of accelerated conscious evolution as
is coming to a head in April 2014 with profound
intensity for the Family of Man in our new all-connected, instant-everywhere and interactive global village "Net reality" (worldwide web).
           This is 'judgment time' folks...
               for better or for worse!
The result of accelerated social transformation
could be far better than ever dreamed possible,
like waking from a traumatic Orwellian nightmare
at the dawn of a new day for planetary civilization.

There is vast potential for new global 'Net reality'
with healing of personal and global relationships
-- a global powershift to the abundant life --
or, by default, the disintegration of global civility
with terror, war, disease and devolution on Earth
would be disruptive to the abundant life for all of
US" - the United Sovereigns of Earth.

   Humankind is standing precariously on the edge of its destiny.
 It will either rise to a paradigm change or experience decline
      and possible destruction.  This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and the choices will be made.
from Jesus Speaks - Love Without End by Glenda Green

Something big is happening now, through April 23/24,
and with a major impact the rest of this year of 2014.

I'll explain how this is happening in the 'quantum field'
of a space-time continuum that we each call 'reality',
 but first, consider how the creation of our Net reality
represents the future of our personal and planetary
conscious evolution.

RESET THE NET (2 minutes)

Net reality is what we make it; "
The Web We All Want".

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle, Native American “quantum physicist”
(nature's 'web' as ‘
The Quantum Field’)

 The understanding of quantum reality as a 'web of energy'
may be an abstract concept for many of us, but what we
 see on the world stage now is a clear 3-D representation
of 4-D reality (real-time) with a surge in 5-D Conscience
 that is peaking, as I'll explain, in April, throughout 2014.

As you read this surge explanation (below) keep in mind
  the portents for major social, political and economic shift,
and consider the potential for the 'Next Economy' in this
 following 15 minute video, published on March 13, 2014.

This video explains the desperate measures of the 'banksters' and
their collusion with big business and big government in an attempt
to plunder Ukraine, threatening war, as explained

As you will note from this video, the U.S. economy may
 soon be 'reset', like the Net, for a wholly new worldwide
evolution in business - the business of evolution -
 defining, refining and 'shining' the Next Economy for our
new 'global village' of '
US', United Sovereigns of Earth.

Understanding the April 23/24 'Quantum Field' Portents

 In the quantum field, we are in the universe and the universe is in us.

The astrology, psychology and spirituality coordinates that frame
the order of the all-connected quantum field are not recognized by
secular science that separates man from 'G.O.D.', the 'Geometric
Ordered Divinity' in the fractal order of the holographic universe.

Holographic 'wholism' is not a concept taught in most universities
any more that holistic integrative medicine is taught for health care,
but the whole systems governing the all-connected order of the universe -- quantum law language -- will not budge.

The 'kingdom of heaven' is indeed 'within us',
 and the better we understand the relationship
- as above, so below -
 the more we realize HOW we are conscious
to master the conscious evolution process.

Over the decades, I've taught dozens of basic and advanced astrology workshops, and personally consulted hundreds of clients
regarding their astrology as relates to their unique individuality.
I know this subject well, understanding the quantum science behind the geometry of 'fields-within-fields' as governs the personal and planetary 'Law of Correspondence'; how the
'Law of the Angles of G.O.D.' corresponds with the 'Language of the Angels of '.
In other words, the form of
follows frequency,
the holy spirit of
love-in-action (heart coherence) as in frequently.

There are no secular solutions to human problems.
 There are only divine solutions to human problems.
 Secular solutions only compound human problems.

Spiritually, we may know that universal-cosmic heals all,
but mentally we all tend to get caught up in social, political and economic "BS" (Belief Systems) that are devoid of correspondence to the
Spirit that matters... on Earth as in cosmos-at-large.

As for the April astrology in the chart above...

For those who sincerely want to understand the 'cosmic portents' catalyzing global and personal conscious evolution in 2014, I highly recommend the following video, made this week, by the best astrologer I've found for a simple explanation of what it means:
                             April's Cardinal Grand Cross.

This video by Tom Kaypacha Lescher is an excellent explanation of the "deep space energies" (12 constellation 'signs') and resonance, the blending of energies with planets in these signs. This is a good orientation to basic astrology and with specific reference to the Cardinal Grand Cross 'testing' at this time.

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
 If you are still alive, it's not."
~ Sir Francis Bacon

Intensity is building, as Kaypacha explains, at "warp speed" though April 20-24 when the Grand Cross is strongest... intensifying a global process of waking up with consciousness of HOW we are conscious, individually and collectively... "faster and faster, peddle to the metal", etc.

I like what Kaypacha says about this intensity... that we should consider it more like a 'dance' rather than a 'battle'... like twirling dervishes who are centered and connected with harmony as they keep their balance.

Kaypacha will be my guest on Cosmic Love April 5th.

If interested, I'll provide a one hour consultation of your personal astrology, your chart and 2014 transits, as relates to the Grand Cross 'testing' that Kaypacha explains in the video above.

Consider this your own personal 'quantum window' into Cosmic Love.

E-mail to CosmicLove@mcn.net for specifics
and a good time for initial phone contact.

"You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore
 the consequences of ignoring reality.
The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of
something you know nothing about
and refuse to investigate."
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

For the Geometry of Your Own Divinity,

It's all in divine order.  The 'illusion' is the problem:)
  It's the ego that sustains the illusion of separation,
   the soul that knows better, and the
divine intention
focuses attention with love's retention for our
collective ascension in a co-Creation dimension
  where universal
of G.O.D. always rules.

"We must give up the life we planned in order to
 have the life that is waiting for us."
 ~ Joseph Campbell

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