2012 Galactic Alignment
and One's 'Judgment'

by Christopher Rudy.
Host of Cosmic Love

We can reflect and perfect divine order and harmony
or not.  This is our free-will choice in 2012
for our individual and collective

As the veil thins, 'Universal co-Creation' wins.

As the sense of separation from 'Source' thins,
and we become more conscious of
HOW we are conscious...
that which was unconscious and subconscious
becomes more conscious for the '
in  good 

And that which is '
SupraConscious' in alignment with
the 'Unified Source Field' becomes self-evident as
common sense '
Unity Conscience
' of, by and for
Universal co-Creation.

Are you aware that this is what's going on now with
 'Galactic Alignment'?

This is the BIG QUESTION that many have been
asking recently.


At 06:29 PM 5/2/2012, JoAnn wrote:

Dear Chris,
    Can you please tell me just what the planetary alignment with the galactic center means?  Just what is the Galactic Center, anyway?   ......A black hole or what?
    Many Thanks, JoAnn
[a student of the Ascended Masters Teachings -CR]

CR's Response:
Dark-side science calls the Galactic Center a 'black hole' but enlightened cosmologists understand that it is a 'white whole' (torus field) where dark energies are consumed and 'white light energies' (Source Intelligence) is radiated. Those 'torus fields' -- as explained
HERE -- are ALL connected in an instant-everywhere (HERE NOW) way on all torus field levels of the atomic, cellular, heart center (white fire core), solar system and galactic level throughout universe. It's ALL connected with the Sentient Intelligence of Source.

That's somewhat explained at the compendium of articles atwww.heartcom.org/SourceField.htm - a secular explanation.

Students of the Ascended Master Teachings can understand the 'Galactic Center' as the 'Great Central Sun' at the heart of Creation - the power of the Word in dynamic decrees.  It was never explained to us scientifically that this center of our Galaxy is a HUGE vortex of light that resonates through the hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy... radiating the 'cosmic secret rays' that resonate in our atoms, cells, DNA, consciousness and world-at-large, i.e. the fabric of 'space as Father' and 'time as Mother (matter)" as E. C. Prophet was fond of saying.  Her book, 'The Science of the Spoken Word', and many of her dynamic decrees, reference the Great Central Sun, but an understanding of torus fields was lacking when it was written decades ago.  

The science of 'Galactic Alignment' is best understood by 'alternative' cosmologists who factor in the light/consciousness factor of cosmic intelligence operating in all dimensions of the all-connected universe of "singularity" (space) and "synchronicity" (time). That's what I recently explained at:

The 'Source Field' is the light of Source via the Great Central Sun that is surging BECAUSE of Galactic Alignment of our Solar System that is NOW experiencing the 'Great Crossing' across the relatively flat Galactic Plane of billions of stars around the Great Central Galactic Sun.  Realize that our solar system orbits across this Galactic Plane in a perpendicular fashion, as you can see in the short animated video HERE. 

That orbit of our Galaxy ACROSS the Galactic Plane is like a 25,800 year "sine-wave cycle" (precession of the Equinox) representing the 'GREAT LIGHT' of alignment with the  'light' of hundreds of billions of "Great Cosmic Beings" (sentient intelligence) radiating out from the twin flames of Alpha and Omega at the torus field heart of the Great Central Sun.

As you know JoAnn, Helios and Vesta are the twin-flames of Great Cosmic Intelligence in our Sun, and they are getting a CHARGED with the alignment SURGE which is radiating etheric fire to Earth and resonating in our atoms, cells, DNA, consciousness and world-at-large right now. This is what the Mayan Calendar is REALLY about... and the REAL meaning of the 'end of the world as we have known it'. 

A dimensional shift is occurring.

For those in a conscientious upward-mobile spiral, we're headed for a golden age one way or another.  Incarnation takes us to where we're coming from.  We've had the opportunity to BE HERE NOW at an extraordinary time on the cusp of the 2000 year Aquarian Dispensation. A golden age is destined for Earth as at the rise of the 'mythical' civilization of Atlantis, which was the last time (1/2 the Precession) that our solar system aligned with the Galactic Plane... when the unfed flame burned continuously on the altar of the Great Temple, and the living Christ-like spirit dwelled with us in the physical.

The '2nd Coming' of that Christic fire in our hearts and minds
is the divine destiny of personal and planetary evolution.

The world as we know it is ending.  Times are changing rapidly. We may be here for the breakthrough to a golden age. Or we may be back to build a golden age in the larger scheme of soul incarnation.  Pure intention focuses attention with passionate retention for conscious ascension in Cosmic Love's dimension. Eternal progression HERE and NOW. Shift happens:)

More Light for Ascension Spirals,