Thought Form of the Year:
The Sphere of  Worldwide
Golden Enlightenment

  Like the cycles from Spring and Summer to Fall and Winter,
 the year 2016 is maturing with a new global Net reality now
  awakening with an unprecedented awareness of ourselves
     as the Family of Mankind in an ALL-connected global village.
The first half of the year is energetically the ‘Alpha Thrust’
 as life springs forth into maturity, and the 2nd half of 2016
   is the ‘Omega Return’ whereby energy-in-motion (emotion)
     manifests in the physical to harvest (reap) what we’ve sown.

    Our Net reality within instant-everywhere and interactive
 social networks has created a
global mind in principle
  but is still an adolescent that has not yet matured with
decentralized heart coherent interaction as connects,
  centers and otherwise co-Creates “unity in diversity”
(E-Pluribus Unum) for ALL of “
US” global Netizens…
United Sovereigns of Earth.

The Mainstreaming of Global
 Freedom and Opportunity via
  Universal Law Language with
 Vision of the Future for 2016

by Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE

as interactive ‘cultural DNA’ for nurturing
social conscience in social networks.

This year of 2016 is an exciting time to be alive. A new social conscience is emerging in global social networks. There are now about 5 billion netizens – global citizens – connecting on the Internet. Public enlightenment has reached a critical mass of awareness as to both global crisis and global solutions. The crisis is so severe and the solutions are so promising that our future is pregnant with unprecedented potential for the rise of personal and planetary sovereignty of a global TLC nature:

"...and the world will be as one." ~ John Lennon

Culturing TLC” (TeLeCommunications) in all
  dimensions of instant-everywhere-interactive
TeLeCommunity (Self-gov. management),
TeLeConscience” (Self-ed. mediation),
TeLeCare” (Self-health medicine), and
TeLeCommerce” (Self-correcting markets).

Culturing Unity Conscience Worldwide
 with Universal Law for Global Netizens

   - The Letter of the Law as Two-in-One
(Unity Spirit working through polarity)
- The Spirit of the Law of AtONEment
The gold standard; global coherence)
  - The Law of Three-in-One as ‘Trinity’
(The Synergy of + in the )

- The Law of Four-in-One: ‘The Plan’
(Overview of the Four Archetypes)

Law of Five-in-One: ‘The CAPstone’
Creative Ascent Process)


 Initiates on this list will appreciate
 how full spectrum consciousness
of an enlightened ‘5-D nature’ is
fulfillment of the Law of .

 Communicants’ and ‘Adepts’ will
appreciate how hosts of heaven
are stepping through the veil to
 inspire receptive souls on Earth.

Devotees of Ascended Masters
 are well aware of ‘seven rays’ of
   the 7 Archangels, 7 Ehohim and,
    7 Chohans of the Rays as well as
  7 Holy Kumaras and 7 members
  of the ‘Great Karmic Board’ who
 adjudicate soul reviews with the
    full spectrum light of Conscience
     in the larger scheme of evolution.

   Each to their own discernment of
   the universal laws and language
   governing ‘free will’ choices that
   are accountable to the One Law
  governing the spirit that matters
   on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

    So pay attention with pure intention.
    Attention pays with love’s retention.
    Retention leads to one’s ascension
    in the common law unity dimension
      of our full spectrum comprehension.

May this be your New Year’s resolution
that brings more Light for restitution
at the
Heart of your Constitution,