Part Two - Holistic Healing Advances
Continued from: Global MegaShift

ByDr. Christopher

 On my March 25th, 2015 Cosmic LOVE Show, I interviewed
Dr. Art Franklin, ND, who
has had unprecedented success
   with over 30,000 cancer patients. He utilizes natural healing
 with many substances that aren't patented by Big Pharma.

Dr. Art is now 81, lived a good life, helped a lot of people, and during this show he shared what he has been doing to get about a 97% cure rate for even 'hopeless' cases in hospice. Recovery is usually within 7 weeks.

Art was once one of those 'hopeless' cases with terminal stage IV cancer and given 60 days to live. That was 11 years ago, and he is still cancer free.
Dr. Art doesn't make medical claims. He doesn't cure cancer. The body heals itself when the right natural modalities build health in the biological terrain of the tissues, cells and organ systems of the body. 
That's what natural healing practitioners do.  And Dr. Art has made an art of it, finding what is biologically correct in the healing arts.

During the show, Dr. Franklin references the wisdom of Nature as has been used by natural healers for millennia. And as the miracle of the Internet has revealed, peer-reviewed clinical research has proven which biologically-correct remedies go further to naturally work for building health and reversing disease.

This show is archived at Cosmic for free listening HERE, and if you’re interested in more information, e-mail Art at to receive a nine-page debriefing of what he’s doing to get such phenomenal results with a full-spectrum combination of numerous biological aids that work synergistically to create ‘white light” (vital force) for healing in the body.
Long-time readers of this blog may appreciate that Dr. Art’s 7 week regimen now includes nutraceutical grade “royal jelly” (SPX-Swedish Pollen Extract) as is now used by immunologists and oncologists in drip-IVs worldwide.  And since medical science about the human micro-biome now shows the immune system to be at least 50% dependent on gut health, Dr. Art also includes the most advanced SBO probiotic Prescript-Assist in his 7 week regimen.
For a limited time, you can get this core combination of SPX and Prescript-Assist with deep discounts at Super-Immunity Combo.


Holistic Healing Advances:
Global TeLeCare

Free Online Universal Self Care Going Global

Almost 4 billion global Netizens are ready to go online for free information that shares the collective wisdom of the world for global health care as a model of what modalities are actually working best; a compelling catalyst that will naturally make it so; new holistic healing standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of all disease: Universal Self Care.
Just as natural healing has been moving away from emphasis on nutrient isolates, and moving towards emphasis on whole food concentrates, so has modern medicine been moving away from the chemistry-of-disease paradigm and moving towards a bio-energetics model of health care that finally integrates the energies-of-health paradigm.

Conscious evolution moves on,
and paradigm shift happens.

Humanity's new understanding of quantum science and quantum computing and quantum healing is finally being recognized with appreciation of the quantum field of the body as an integral function of the holographic universe; the fabric of space/time at a core DNA and bio-energetic level that can be rejuvenated in ways previously thought 'magic'.   

 See: Historical Roots of Energy Medicine in the United States


Electro-Magnetic Therapies

As new science has shown, all living organisms (including pathogens, viruses, bacteria) are electrical in nature, each cell vibrating at particular frequencies. DNA is an energy 'transceiver' and cells are like batteries that respond/react to changes in one's electromagnetic fields. Environmental EMF, toxins, stress of any kind, pathogens and many other conditions will alter this electromagnetic field.
A very efficient way to bring about physical balance is based on electro-magnetic therapies. It is nevertheless equally important to nurture our physical with structured healthy water, alkaline nutrition, detoxification, super food, herbs, tissue salts, so that the electromagnetic devices work to optimal efficiency.
Here's a short list of modern electromagnetic therapies that have evolved for 100 years since Nicola Tesla pioneered the field:

Quantum science is now validating energy healing.

Holistic Healing Advances

Quantum Healing Going Mainstream Worldwide

  Quantum science has matured with understanding of the quantum field
   of nonlinear space/time of an instant-everywhere and interactive nature
   whose 'center' is everywhere in the all-connected universe, on Earth as
     in cosmos-at-large. As it is 'above', so it is below... as within, so with all.
    As modern medicine matures with appreciation of quantum health care,
 the reality of one's
'energy body' behind the veil of the physical body
 will be recognized as the 'energy terrain' behind the 'biological terrain'
 with obvious capabilities for systemic holistic healing in all dimensions
   spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, as via Trinfinity8.

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