Conscious Evolution Series
Heartcom Network

Five MegaTrends Shaping 2014

by 'Dr. Christopher' (Metaphysician)

  Sacred Geometry and Heart Coherence for
   Universal Law Connection to Everything:

The computer/Internet revolution has brought us to
this year of mass awakening to the full implications
of our new capabilities with instant, interactive and
 all-connected Net reality.  
What we do to the Internet, we do to ourselves.

We shape our Net reality and then it shapes us.

Major trends define the shape of things to come.

With unprecedented knowledge power unveiled,
the Family of Man now awakens to a global village
with Consent of the Networked up-rising in demand.

Global humanity is now poised for rEVOLUTION
with this year's 5 Major MegaShift MegaTrends:

These five megatrends correspond to
four paths to the 'capstone' of the
Pyramid of Self and Civilization,
centered and connected with
the 5th megatrend toward
"Quantum Conscience"
(capstone vision).


Co-Creation with
 (heart coherence)

The Constitution of
(mind congruence)



Currency for


Creative Ascent Process

The Heart of Loving Kindness
        Heart Coherence with the Power of Love;
        (Educating the Heart; the 'TLC Blessing'.

There are no human solutions to human problems.
There are only divine solutions to human problems.
 Human solutions only compound human problems.
Divine solutions make human problems obsolete.

The principle and person of the 'Divine Feminine'
goes mainstream with heart coherence science;
a universal standard for global

Look to SEE… Know to BE… the heart of ‘TLC
for co-Creation with the
TeLeComm Connection
culturing social
Conscience in our social networks.

So take heart; pure intention for more divine love
                       easier and faster...
co-Creates with attention on love’s retention for
ascension in a heart coherent dimension where
our personal and planetary conscious evolution
naturally evolves with Natural Law of, by and for...

The Mind of G.O.D.~
         Mental Congruence with the Wisdom of
         "G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity);
The more information we have, the greater is
the need to get it all in order, a process for
organizing all information IN FORMATION
along more enlightened lines that represent
the universal laws and language of nature as
the fractal order of the holographic universe.

The higher the mental concept of universal
the greater the conscious evolution results,
geometrizing the ‘Mind of
G.O.D.’ with the
Constitution of Conscience as a framework
of the first principles for co-Creation with
Conscience in our social networks.

By defining
Conscience with heart coherence
and refining
Conscience with mind congruence
(Mind of 'G.O.D.'), culturing InnerNet reality,
we optimize a vision of information’s ecology
for recycling general knowledge in a way that
empowers specific wisdom with love via…

Heart~Mind Care for Health
       Global Healing with Universal Self Care;
        Preventive Health Assurance Policies.

Holistic healing disciplines for holistic health
too often emphasize the physical and mental
but not so much the spiritual
power of love.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and
      the tides, but when he can harness the
                           power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the 
       world, man will have discovered fire
~ Teihard de Chardin

This fire of ordained desire for loving kindness
is the care part of spirit-mind-body health care
now going global with Internet access for billions
of global Netizens now online with pure intent for
preventive 'health assurance' policies that are
highly personalized with informed choice.

Ancient worldwide prophecies of the end of our
last 2000 year age by '
fire' were correct in the
sense that
celestial fire at this time is burning
through the dross of dimwit consciousness aka
DUH" (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

      “Labor to keep alive in your breast
            that little spark of
celestial fire,

                   ~ George Washington

The fire of conscientious common sense
- known as
Effective Sensory Perception -
fulfills the purpose of the Internet by empowering wisdom with love that is healing and for giving
with this 'Currency of Conscience' at the
heart of...

 Currency for TeLeCommerce
The Currency of Conscience for REAL community
cultures co-Operative
TeLeComm co-Ordinations
with maturing social
Conscience in social networks.

This future of E-valuation criteria (cyberEthics) is
at the heart of an enlightened Net-centric standard
community currency : TeLeComm processes defining, refining, combining & shining Conscience
as the currency for freedom and opportun
ity that
empowers 'Consent of the Networked' in order to
make inordinate tyranny and austerity obsolete.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison,
4th U.S. President

Conscious evolution in global network communities
has reached the point of realizing global community
with a transformation of our individual and collective
consciousness with enlightened
TLC Conscience...
mainstreaming 'The Blessing' of social Conscience as the currency for social network communities:

         TeLeComm-unity via "E-governance"
               (Mass-to-mass TeLeComm)
   TeLeConscience via "E-learning"
                 (Education of the Heart)

TeLeCare via Universal "E-care"
               (Health Assurance Policies)
    TeLeCommerce via "E-commerce"
             (cyberEthics at the heart of it)

"Commerce without morality is a SIN." ~Gandhi
Stuck In Negativity = SIN)

Earth's divine destiny is not a mystery when known.
Unity in our diversity for our whol
Eness and healing proceeds with the integrity of integrated-archetypal processes of consciousness that involve and evolve
our individual and collective
Conscience with the whol-E spirit of cyberEthics E-valuation criteria for mainstreaming the holy Spirit of -in-action.

Freedom to know better naturally compels the
opportunity to do better... to get our act together
as the Family of Man in our new global village.


2014 MegaTrends
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