2012 Year of Power by Lee Harris

Excerpts re: the unveiling of Effective Sensory Perception in 2012:

“2012 is the consciousness turning point we are all going through…
More of you will experience spiritual visions, angelic encounters,
seeing through the veil to those who have passed on.
This will become more normal.”

"Do not be afraid to speak about your experiences,
for this normalizes it for the mass.
So as in when you feel to,
but without making yourself uncomfortable,
be BOLD in what you share.
Many human beings have grown bored of the old template,
the old way of being. It no longer holds the wonder it did.
And this is perfect.  This is evolution.
It is also evidence of the disconnection present in so many of
the old ways and experiences that we have gone through.
At the time, they connected us, but now we need something different
for this different time. Something more.
Many of you will remember the 1960’s and 1970’s as being a time of
revolution and evolution. The coming two-to-three years will see
as many changes as those decades… at great speed.
Be AWARE, the way to stay grounded and focused on
what you are doing."

"Rely entirely on ‘self maintenance’ where speed is concerned.
We are all completely different with our speed.
Some of us are very fast in areas. We may be slow in others.
Don’t let your mind seduce you into thinking
one of these ways is best for you.

"Just LIVE as you FEEL from your feelings
(intuitive KNOWING beyond logical thinking ~CR)
as much as it is possible to do,
and TRUST what you choose.
Trust when your body leads you down a different road
from the one that your mind wanted you to take.
Do not necessarily immediately judge your mind
for missing the planned road.
Instead, be curious as to where this innately intelligent body of yours
has taken you, and why.

"The ultimate truth of life is that it is purely momentary.
The moment is the place we can trust.
The place we can be.
The past is often the place from where we reference,
trying to see ahead with the eyes of the past,
  so as not to repeat what we perceive as mistakes,
  so as to create something different from
  that which we created before.
So our future visions and intentions are often
tied into the past.”

“As we move out of this past century into a very different time,
it allows us to let go of the past better.
it allows us to recognize that the now and the future
are where we are and where we are headed.
the only 'place' is to focus.
(with pure intention ~CR)
And 2012 will constantly bring that truth into your life.

"The beauty of so many of us, connecting with our higher selves,
and listening to Spirit so deeply, is it allows us to
re-pattern the body in a very different way
by just allowing and trusting the body to do what
it wants or needs to do.
With curiosity and with openness, you may learn something different.
You may do something different. That IS what life is about…
seeing what and how much you can experience in your lifetime.
The BOLDNESS that many of you will feel this coming year
will be unique. Your experiences this past four or five years
will have primed you to simply live… for you will have remembered
that the stream of life is not promised, it is not guaranteed.
It is simply an experience on a beautiful planet.
And rather than looking back with judgment or shame
on what you believe we as man may have created,
instead, look in the now, and to the future, as to
what the planet and the people need next.
This is how you will retain your personal power this next year.
For judgment, shame and blame will not take any of us far."

 ~ continued at:
2012 Year of Power by Lee Harris


Comments by Christopher:

2012 is the consciousness turning point
    we are all going through as we 
       reconnect with Creator Source,
       see with the Spirit that matters,
         hear the
language of the angels,
               and speak from this heart of hearts.

2012 will be a year of pioneers and revolutionaries who
          will show the way of ‘light language’ at the ‘heart’
          of the creative, learning, healing and community-
           building process – a communication process --
           of, by and for ‘come-into-unity’ (unity-in-diversity)
            as will culture REAL community with a process of
         interaction through local/global social networks
        based on ‘real-time’ mass-to-mass TeLeComm
             that involves & evolves our individual & collective
              currency of
Conscience for the ‘Next Economy’.